Chapter 1399: “The Face of Sylvan (3)”

    Chapter 1399: "The Face of Sylvan (3)"

    The ends of the creeping vines twirled upwards as they gathered together at the top, to become a huge circular prison cage, irrecoverably trapping the Poison Men within.

    Jun Wu Xie then gracefully descended to the ground as her feet landed lightly upon the broken ground. She narrowed her eyes and looked at the massive cage formed from the vines as the corners of her mouth lifted slightly into a bloodthirsty arc.

    "Rage of Sylvan." Her lips opened slightly to mouth those words as her opened right hand suddenly clenched up!

    A resounding crash erupted through the entire area!

    The massive vine prison suddenly constricted and tightened itself up, from its initial shape of an enormous sphere to suddenly turn into an immensely thick trunk formed from the vines. In the moments that the vines tightened up, the tens of thousands of Poison Men wrapped up inside were quickly crushed into a gory messy pulp, their dark sticky blood mixed in the mess of crunched up bones and tiny pieces of ground flesh to burst out in a wide spray from the tiny gaps between the vines!

    In moments, all around Jun Wu Xie, was a wide expanse of empty land that had been cleared. All the Poison Men within that circle, had been sent into Hell with not a single one remaining.

    The scene where tens of thousands of the enemy had been massacred in seconds, was like a red hot branding iron that scorched its mark indelibly onto the hearts of every single man out there.

    The soldiers of the Qu Country stared with eyes wide and filled with absolute incredulity, staring at the green tree that stood so tall that its top reached among the clouds. The vines that were stained black from the corrupted blood, however dispersed the grey clouds in the sky and golden light fell through the tree top, lighting up the dim battlefield, looking like hope was descending onto the mortal realm.

    It was supposed to be such a grisly sight when close to a hundred thousand Poison Men were killed in an instant but for some reason, everyone who saw that scene could not help themselves but gawk in awe at the unbelievable beauty of that moment.

    As the sun's rays fell, mesmerizingly through the green canopy above, the small figure that stood within the light looked just like a deity that had descended from the Heavens.

    This was the first time that Jun Wu Xie used the Mask of Sylvan. Back at the Heaven's End Cliff, in order to make every moment count, she had not once left the tomb. At this moment, the power of the Mask of Sylvan made her realize why among all the countless amount of powerful magical artifacts, it was still able to stand out above all, to be counted as one of the most supreme of magical artifacts.

    As life withered out from it, the vines gradually retracted, slowly bit by bit. Under the gaze of everyone there, from the extraordinarily tall tree that touched the clouds, it shrank and turned into a tiny bean sized glint.

    Jun Wu Xie waved a hand and the ear stud lying upon the ground suddenly flew into her hand.

    Clean and unblemished, not tainted in the slightest and Jun Wu Xie silently wore it back onto her ear.

    Whoever that was, none could believe the astounding sight that had happened before their eyes. If not for the broken land from the upheaval still garishly present before them, if not for the ground splatters of flesh and blood that still filled several corners of that battlefield, everyone would really have thought that it had all just been a dream.

    When the Face of Sylvan had struck, Qiao Chu who had immediately retreated from the battlefield to watch now looked at the vast expanse of land completely cleared out as he silently swallowed a big gulp.

    "I finally understand why Big Brother Jun Wu Yao had taken so much effort to find that mask for Little Xie. That is really..... just too terrifying....."

    With the power of just one person, to kill close to a hundred thousand Poison Men, all in a blink. Such tremendous power, could truly make the heart cringe and cower in fear.

    "This is the power of the Face of Sylvan....." Hua Yao muttered under his breath as he looked at Jun Wu Xie standing alone in that empty expanse, his eyes filled with emotion.

    Upon that battlefield that had seen intense fighting for so long, a sudden deathly quiet fell. Even the Poison Men who were stripped of all consciousness were startled by the foul and sickly stench that hung heavily in the air, unable to calm themselves before the completely overwhelming and tyrannical display of pure power.
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