Chapter 1400: “The Face of Sylvan (4)”

    Chapter 1400: "The Face of Sylvan (4)"

    After a large number of Poison Men had been eradicated, the soldiers of the Qu Country pressed on with the attack being on the verge of victory with the battle turning highly one sided.

    Qiao Chu and the rest of the gang saw for themselves the immense power of the Face of Sylvan. Their hearts became greatly excited as their hot blood rose to a boil inside. Unwilling to be outdone by any of the others, they gave everything they had and fought a highly invigorating battle.

    Climbing out from dark despair to finally walk into the light, the hearts of the Qu Country's soldiers were feeling highly complicated. They had quickly gathered themselves to begin on their counterattack but discovered in the end.....

    There wasn't much of an opportunity for any single one of them to be of any use there.

    The bunch of youths who were shrouded with Purple Spirit glow around their bodies were amazingly ferocious. Although they had not displayed any Heaven defying techniques like the Rage of Sylvan, but the moves the youths executed still caused the Qu Country's soldiers to stare with eyes wide and their mouths agape.

    Seeing the Poison Men army who had earlier forced all of them into desperate and dire straits being maniacally cut down like wheat under the combined might of a bunch of youths, the hearts of the soldiers really didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

    The huge disparity between their powers and the youths' was just impossible to be compared in any way.

    The combined powers of that bunch of youths, was even more dominating that their entire army that numbered several hundred thousand!

    The Qu Country's crisis was lifted in no time and the ruler of the Qu Country who stood within the military camp watched as the last group of Poison Men were eliminated. His highly tensed nerves which had been pulled taut for so long were finally able to relax and with the tension seeping away, his legs buckled out from under him, very nearly causing him to fall to the ground.

    The Commander in Chief rushed forward to hold him up and the Qu Country's Emperor immediately said: "Quick! Come with me to go thank the Fire Country's Emperor!"

    Qiao Chu and the companions had fought a fulfilling battle and their entire bodies were feeling highly invigorated as they surveyed the results of their battle.

    The mountainous pile made up from the dead bodies of the Poison Men was a truly ghastly sight.

    "Burn it." Jun Wu Xie said callously as she glanced briefly at the pile.

    Without another word, Qiao Chu moved immediately as the fire dragons leapt out from his fists, immediately engulfing the corpses of the Poison Men.

    The crackling sounds erupting from the raging blaze became a form of celebration for the end of the battle, its roaring flames swallowing up the wretched puppets instantly under the hot summer sky.

    Jun Wu Yao then slowly descended down up in the air, to come stand beside Jun Wu Xie.

    In this battle, he had not made any moves but had just quietly remained high up in the air to admire the sight of this bunch of youths commence on their first meaningful battle after coming out of seclusion from their cultivation.

    When he had seen the highly meticulous form of Jun Wu Xie in the chaos, Jun Wu Yao had felt it to be so perfect that the best dancer under the Heavens would not be able to compare with her in poise, with every lift of her hands, or a strike from her foot.

    "How was it?" He asked with mirth with an eyebrow arched.

    Jun Wu Xie touched the Face of Sylvan on her ear and said. "Very useful."

    She had initially thought that the Face of Sylvan was just a magical artifact that could raise one's spirit power and had never thought that it would be as hinted by Jun Wu Yao, it would hide such tremendous power.

    He had adamantly refused to compromise even after searching for so long at that time, all because he wanted to give her the best.

    And, he had done just that.

    There was nothing, that could be a better magical artifact than the Face of Sylvan.

    "As long as you like it." Jun Wu Yao said with a light laugh. Just Jun Wu Xie's reply of "very useful", satisfied him more than any whispered sweet nothings could give.

    While they joked, the Qu Country's Emperor and their Commander in Chief came walking out from among their army. The soldiers consciously parted to open up a wide path, not daring to step forward.

    "My respects to the His Majesty from the Fire Country! Having His Majesty from the Fire Country lend us a hand to save us today is the fortune of the Qu Country! I beg His Majesty to accept a bow from me! I sincerely thank you for rescuing the Qu Country from doom!" The Qu Country's ruler did not hesitate in the slightest and immediately knelt in a grand bow before Jun Wu Xie in front of everyone present!
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