Chapter 1401: “Joint Battle (1)”

    Chapter 1401: "Joint Battle (1)"

    Jun Wu Xie had already guessed that Lord Meh Meh's appearance would expose her identity. Afterall, at the time when she had rescued the Qi Kingdom, the characteristics of Lord Meh Meh and the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit had been too distinct to be missed and hence, she had already altered her looks when she appeared here. The one standing before the Qu Country's ruler at that moment, was the same youthful Emperor with clean delicate facial features and a cold demeanor.

    "Get up. There's no need for thanks." Jun Wu Xie said indifferently. She had battled not because of the Qu Country, but for the Lower Realm.

    The Qu Country's Emperor remained kneeling upon the ground and did not get up as he said: "To have received Your Majesty's benevolence today, is truly our Qu Country's fortune. With the Poison Men wrecking devastation here, our Qu Country is too small and the army too weak. Even if we resist them to the death, we will still be unable to protect our citizens. My request might come across to Your Majesty as rude, but I still have to plead for Your Majesty to agree to save our Qu Country! I beg for Your Majesty to deploy troops to save our Qu Country and if the Qu Country's citizens are saved, our Qu Country will henceforth submit to Your Majesty and only follow Your Majesty's lead!"

    At that moment, the Qu Country's Emperor could not care about anything else and he only wanted to save the Qu Country's citizens. Although Jun Wu Xie had defeated the Poison Army here today, but in many other places within the Qu Country, the Poison Men were still running rampant. With their army's remaining strength, they really wouldn't be able to defend themselves against the terrifying catastrophe upon them.

    Jun Wu Xie looked at the Qu Country's unwavering gaze. The Lower Realm when compared to the Middle Realm, though weaker, but the people of the Lower Realm were never lacking in their will to fight.

    "When I get back to my country, I will make arrangements for the Qu Country as soon as possible." With the invasion of the Poison Men, Jun Wu Xie was willing to lend a hand to help the Lower Realm defeat the enemy. But as she was still unclear about the situation in the Fire Country and all she knew was only from the hearsay they heard along the way here about the Fire Country, the Qi Kingdom, and the Buckwheat Kingdom deploying their soldiers to rescue the countries under attack. How many soldiers they had left or if they had enough numbers that could be sent to the Qu Country was not known to her.

    Everything, would have to wait till she returned to the Fire Country before she would be able to decide.

    Jun Wu Xie's words, made the Qu Country's Emperor weep with gratitude. He knew that Jun Xie was willing to save the Qu Country and now, the Qu Country would be saved!

    "Reporting, Your Majesty! Ten miles up front, a large army has been spotted!" A Qu Country's soldier came running in a hurry to report.

    "Were you able to identify the country the army is from?" The Qu Country's Emperor asked, greatly delighted.

    "It's the Buckwheat Kingdom!"

    An eyebrow on Jun Wu Xie's face lifted and her gaze involuntarily fell upon the figure of Little Jue who was standing behind the crowd.

    The Buckwheat Kingdom's army pushed forward quickly and soon arrived at the side of the Qu Country's main camp.

    The Buckwheat Country was originally just a small country but after Jun Wu Xie allocated half of the Condor Country's empire to them, they had grown exponentially within a short period of time. The Buckwheat Kingdom's soldiers stood in neat ranks, their gazes alight, looking highly formidable.

    The leading officer who led the Buckwheat Kingdom's army to reinforce the Qu Country had immediately drove their horses hard towards them when they received the news the Qu Country needed help. The leading officer had rushed towards the Qu Country but they were met with harassment from the Poison Men, causing their speed in arriving to be slightly delayed.

    Their hearts had been filled with worry about the Qu Country's situation but when they saw the battlefield at the Qu Country filled with the corpses of the Poison Men, they were instantly stunned.

    What their eyes saw was a blazing fire reaching towards the skies and within the roaring flames, the corpses of the Poison Men could be clearly seen as they burned, densely packed together as they piled up like a mountain, their numbers so many it was hard to believe.

    The leading officer of the Buckwheat Kingdom immediately flipped himself off his horse and came before the Qu Country's Emperor. When he saw Jun Wu Xie, his eyes looked strange, filling with a kind of insuppressible excitement that shone when he found a tiny and highly familiar figure behind Jun Wu Xie.

    Their His Majesty!
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