Chapter 1402: “Joint Battle (2)”

    Chapter 1402: "Joint Battle (2)"

    Little Jue's face was one of confusion as he looked at the leading officer who was staring at him with blazing fervour in his gaze and he instinctively hid himself behind Jun Wu Xie.

    The Buckwheat Kingdom's leading officer drew in a deep breath and forcibly pushed down the excitement in his heart as he turned to face the Qu Country's Emperor to announce that they were here to reinforce the Qu Country.

    The Qu Country's Emperor was delighted to hear that, realizing that the Buckwheat Kingdom had not abandoned them but had just been delayed by the Poison Men on their way here. With the reinforcements from the Buckwheat Kingdom here, the Qu Country was no longer in urgent need for the Fire Country's reinforcements and the Qu Country's Emperor was frank with his words by saying he wished that Jun Wu Xie could lead the Fire Country to turn the current situation around.

    Jun Wu Xie then asked the Qu Country's Emperor regarding a few things about the Poison Men's attack and managed to discover a few clues from there.

    The Poison Men had no consciousness and were incapable of independent thought. In the beginning, there were only occasional appearances of a few of those Poison Men and those Poison Men were attracted by the scent of living humans. They had attacked innocent citizens and ate their bodies. The rulers of the various countries had not taken notice of it at first but they later discovered that the largely fragmented and scattered Poison Men had begun to become organized where then started to attack the countries.

    That situation was rather strange and it was obvious that someone behind the scenes was secretly manipulating the direction the Poison Men took, turning them into a powerful war machine.

    Having gained the clues she needed, Jun Wu Xie did not delay anymore and immediately rushed towards the Fire Country with Jun Wu Yao and all the others.

    Little Jue was plopped by the carriage's window as he looked at the Buckwheat Kingdom's leading officer's ardent gaze, and no one knew what was going through his mind.

    "I seem to recognize him..... but I can't really remember." Little Jue scratched at his head as his head hummed, a series of blurry shadows flashing through his mind, but he could not see them clearly.

    Fan Zhuo raised a hand and patted Little Jue on his head.

    "One fine day, you will remember everything."

    On this journey, Jun Wu Xie and the companions have passed through the borders of many countries and they have all seen the broken and dilapidated battlefields thoroughly baptised by the fire of war.

    The war this time, had affected all the countries in the Lower Realm and not a single country was spared. The Poison Men army had been like an unstoppable surging tide, seeking to obliterate the entire Lower Realm.

    In the armies of many countries who were resisting tenaciously, Jun Wu Xie had seen the Fire Country's, the Qi Kingdom's, and the Buckwheat Kingdom's armies where they had taken on the role as reinforcements in many of those places, to assist countries who had been locked in bitter struggles. They had all tried their best to use their might to fight the Poison Men army.

    The moon was bright and the stars scarce when Jun Wu Xie and the companions finally arrived at the Fire Country's Imperial Capital where it was seen to be different from the prosperous and harmonious city they remembered. The Fire Country's Imperial Capital was missing that usual celebratory peace that was filled with song and dance and there was instead a kind of sombreness where the high hanging bright lanterns were nowhere to be seen, the melodious voice of songstress nowhere to be heard.

    With the entire lands in turmoil, even the Fire Country had suffered attacks from the Poison Men. But as the Fire Country's military was strong and having reigned as the most powerful nation for many years, regardless of whether it was in terms of defence or speed, they proved themselves to be highly capable. After having suffered numerous attacks from the Poison Men, they still held their borders firm. Along the way as Jun Wu Xie and the others travelled to the Imperial Capital, they had even seen refugees from other countries being helped to settle within various cities within the Fire Country.

    With the entire lands in such chaos, the Fire Country opened their doors to refugees from the various countries, to receive the poor asylum seekers who had had their fill of terror and tribulations, into this place of relative safety.

    It could be said, that all that they saw along the way had rather surprised Jun Wu Xie. She had not thought that the Fire Country would handle everything so appropriately and not chose to remain uninvolved to protect only themselves.

    All the places of entertainment were shuttered and closed, the money invested into the war.
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