Chapter 1403: “Iron Empress (1)”

    Chapter 1403: "Iron Empress (1)"

    When the horse carriages of Jun Wu Xie and her companions, the soldiers guarding the city's gates asked their routine questions. But when they saw that the person sitting inside the carriage was Jun Wu Xie with her looks altered, they were immediately stunned. When they recovered their senses, they quickly fell to their knees in obeisance to pay their respects and even when the carriages had passed to enter the city, the shock to their hearts still did not fade away.

    [Their His Majesty has returned!]

    [His Majesty had returned!]

    Jun Wu Xie's return, immediately caused a stir to rise in a wave throughout the entire Fire Country's Imperial Capital. All of them could not believe that their ruler had finally returned!

    Although Jun Wu Xie had not stayed in the Fire Country for long, but every mission she embarked on had completely shocked the citizens of the Fire Country right to their souls. All of them in the entire country knew that they had a powerful and young ruler.

    Inside the Fire Country's Imperial Palace, the candles in the Imperial Study flickered and the brows of the girl studying the dossiers furrowed up. Piled up upon the table before her, were countless scrolls that requested for military reinforcements that struck fear and trepidation into one's heart.

    The girl had a sweet and dainty countenance although she couldn't really be termed a outstanding ravishing beauty, Under the soft and warm glow from the firelight, the girl's side profile of her face was seen to lack a certain gentleness in her beauty, and tinged with a certain level of sharpness.

    "The Yang Country has already sent us twelve letters in succession asking for help. Your Lady Majesty, look..... should we....." The palace maid standing on the side said with a worried expression as she picked up the scroll that had dropped.

    The girl sitting at the table lifted her head slightly, her eyes steady and calm.

    "The Yang Country possesses advantageous terrain, which is easy to defend and hard to invade into. From the very first moment they were attacked by the Poison Men, they had already sent us a letter requesting for help. With the might of the Yang Country, it isn't that they do not possess the power to fight against the Poison Men army, but they just want to reduce their own losses and we do not need to bother with them." Qu Ling Yue replied with a frown.

    "Then what about the Ling Country?" The little palace maid asked as she looked at Qu Ling Yue who had become the Fire Country's Empress, her eyes filled with reverence.

    "I have already sent out troops to go there." Qu Ling Yue muttered and buried her head to look at the scroll unfurled upon the table.

    Every one of them asked for urgency, the contents seemingly almost the same.

    Seeking for help!

    Seeking for help!

    However strong the Fire Country's military was, it was not enough to split them to all the countries. Hence, Qu Ling Yue had needed to select from all those letters seeking for help, picking out those that really needed help.

    The little palace maid stood silently on one side, not daring to open her mouth carelessly anymore.

    The Fire Country's Empress, throughout the lands under the Heavens, was a girl highly filled with controversy.

    She was originally the Young Chief of the Thousand Beast City, but had unfortunately suffered the most unbearable nightmare a girl could possibly go through her entire life. And just as everyone thought that she would be despised and abandoned by the world, the young Emperor of the Fire Country had married her and made her the Empress!

    In the beginning when Qu Ling Yue had just become the Empress, how much of those curses of disdain had she then carried upon her back? Not just the people of the world had despised her claiming she was unclean, but even the citizens of the Fire Country had been ashamed of having her as an Empress. If not for the firm and resolute decision by Jun Wu Xie at that time, and the Grand Adviser, Wen Yu's patient guidance and support, after Qu Ling Yue was conferred the Empress, she might very well have drowned from all the spittle from the citizens of the Fire Country.

    Just as everyone under the Heavens had thought that such a shameful Empress would shut herself inside the palace and not the a step out from inside, Qu Ling Yue had instead walked straight into the Imperial Court after Jun Wu Xie left, to become an Imperial Empress who stood in place of Jun Wu Xie to deal with the stately affairs of the Fire Country's Imperial Court.

    The memory was still fresh within the palace maid's mind. At that time, how badly Qu Ling Yue had been mercilessly berated and admonished, those venomous curses that had been so grating on the ears. Even as a bystander, the palace maid had not been able to bear it as tears flowed down her face, what's more for Qu Ling Yue herself?

    But Qu Ling Yue had not wept, not even once.
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