Chapter 1406: “Negotiation (1)”

    Chapter 1406: "Negotiation (1)"

    "The last time when Your Majesty left the palace, you went to the Qi Kingdom and handed a very important item to Duke Lin of the Qi Kingdom. And it was exactly because of the existence of this item that it made the might of our Fire Country and that of the other two countries to be increased by a tremendous degree, but its seems that Your Majesty has forgotten all about it." Qu Ling Yue said and she suddenly released her spirit power out in a flare. She was rather gifted innately but when compared to a demon like Jun Wu Xie, it was not even worth mentioning. At the instant she released her spirit power, the spirit power swirling around her body suddenly turned purple!

    That purple coloured spirit glow was not as intense and pure as the spirit power of Jun Wu Xie and her companions and it only lasted for a few seconds before it disappeared.

    But it cannot be denied that that was a Purple Spirit!

    "Temporarily raising the spirit power's level?" Jun Wu Xie asked with a arch of her eyebrow, immediately understanding what Qu Ling Yue was talking about.

    Back when she had left the Qi Kingdom, in order to be prepared for any eventualities, she had specially handed the method to temporarily elevate one's spirit power level to Jun Xian, asking him to impart the skill to the people in the three allied countries, for them to possess stronger power to defend themselves.

    And it was Jun Wu Xie's highly prudent action that had given the armies of the three countries the best weapon against the Poison Men.

    For a red spirit, the amount of time one would be able maintain the Purple Spirit was very very short. But at moments when live and death was at stake, a mere minute's explosive power would be able to turn the situation around!

    "Duke Lin gifted this skill to Your Lady and the Buckwheat Kingdom's Grand Tutor, and urged us to impart the skill to the citizens as well. Although the time we had available for us to learn it was rather short, but we have already seen it taking initial effect." Qu Ling Yue explained with a smile on her lips. The first time she saw that skill, she had not been able to believe that such a mystifying skill could exist in this world.

    Throughout the Fire Country's army, almost everyone had learnt the skill and although their spirit powers were not that powerful, they were still at least capable of that instantaneous explosion of their spirit powers.

    And when a million Purple Spirits gathered together go on a rampage at the same time, even if they were only able to maintain it for a mere thirty seconds, it was enough for them to inflict a earth shattering effect!

    The Qi Kingdom and the Buckwheat Kingdom having received the Condor Country's legacy had their military might greatly increased. With the addition of the Fire Country's army, they could be said to be a coalition of a highly formidable force. And it was precisely because the armies of the three countries possessed such prowess that they were able to deploy their soldiers to reinforce the other countries, otherwise, with the overwhelming ferocity of the Poison Men, they would have found it difficult to even protect themselves.

    Jun Wu Xie nodded her head. She knew very well how intense the effects of that skill could be, the skill she had unraveled from the last words her "Master" had left behind.

    It was not just the armies of the three countries, even the common citizens who had never joined the military had learnt it and the skill had pervaded the general population of the three countries. Young children who had just begun to cultivate with their Ring Spirits were also already taught the skill.

    It could also be said that even if the three countries did not have any army manning their borders, the citizens themselves would be enough to defeat the Poison Men army.

    The Poison Men were powerful only when compared against the average human. Equipped with the skill to temporary raise one's spirit power level even for just an instant, would be enough to destroy the Poison Men!

    As they were talking, the Grand Adviser Wen Yu and Lei Chen came rushing in in a hurry. The two men stepped into the great hall and looked with pleasant surprise at Jun Wu Xie who was seated inside the great hall, where they immediately knelt in greeting.

    Meanwhile, Wen Yu's tranquil gaze froze slightly when he saw Jun Wu Xie. The others might not have noticed, but he could clearly feel that Jun Wu Xie's current powers had already broken through to the Purple Spirit!

    In just a short year's time, she had actually grown from the blue spirit to the Purple Spirit!
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