Chapter 1407: “Secretly Rich Asking to be Kept (1)”

    Chapter 1407: "Secretly Rich Asking to be Kept (1)"

    The moment that realization formed in Wen Yu's head, a guess rose up suddenly.

    Could it be, that Jun Wu Xie had really found the Dark Emperor's tomb?

    Wen Yu pushed down the shock within his heart and quietly observed Qiao Chu and the rest of the companions who had journeyed with Jun Wu Xie, where he immediately realized that all the youths had also broken through to the Purple Spirit as well! But what really quaked Wen Yu was instead from the one standing at the side of Jun Wu Xie's throne, a man who looked devishly engaging.

    Even with the level of his own powers, he was actually unable to detect that man's powers!

    In such a situation, it could only mean that his powers was far higher than him by several times for that to happen!

    At Jun Wu Xie's side, there was actually such an expert hidden!

    "I've not seen Your Majesty for quite a long while. Are things fine?" Lei Chen asked with a smile, completely oblivious to the changes in Jun Wu Xie's powers.

    Jun Wu Xie nodded.

    "Grand Adviser, Prince. His Majesty returned because of the incidents with those monsters and you need only tell His Majesty all that you know about them and that will do." Qu Ling Yue said from the side, her tone of voice clearly different from when she had been speaking to Jun Wu Xie.

    Lei Chen nodded and secretly looked at Qu Ling Yue whose personality had changed completely. Who would have thought the bumbling and innocent little lass from before would actually change to become like this? His heart was highly emotional, but there was nothing he could do.

    Lei Chen was mainly in charge of affairs that called for him to evenly distribute the resources and supplies. In a war, there was a need for funds, and the kind of funds a war called for was astronomical. If the Fire Country was only defending themselves, with the Fire Country's wealth, it would merely be a drop in the ocean. But the Fire Country had been incessantly sending their soldiers out to reinforce the other countries and the military supplies, medicine, food rations the reinforcement contingents needed would all increase in folds.

    The blood of the Poison Men contained strong poison and lands that had been tainted with the blood of the Poison Men would suddenly turn barren. That had destroyed many farmlands and the sources for food had turned to cause a big drain on them. The war had gone on for an entire year and within this one year, the wealth the Fire Country had accumulated over so many years was depleting at an alarming rate.

    Although the Qi Kingdom and the Buckwheat Kingdom had received the Condor Country's wealth, but as the Condor Country had been prone to battle and they were a country that diverted gains made from one battle right into another, their treasury had been sparse, where there wasn't actually much benefits to gain in that aspect.

    Hence, the Fire Country had not only needed to carry supplies to just the Fire Country's army alone but they had also needed to take the Qi Kingdom and the Buckwheat Kingdom into consideration as well.

    That had increased the drain upon the Fire Country's treasury by a large margin and it was now already empty. Lei Chen was at that point worrying how he was going to raise those supplies.

    This was the first time that the Fire Country had had to worry about money since their founding.

    But at present, the lands were in turmoil and not a single country had abundance in their national treasury so even if he wanted to borrow to tide them over, there wasn't anybody to borrow from.

    Battle prowess, they had it. But now they were stuck with the need for money and that really made Lei Chen want to cry but no tears came out.

    "Your vassal has already ordered men to raise funds within the country and I hope we will be able to hold out for a while. Our Fire Country's situation is still not that bad currently, but the Qi Kingdom and the Buckwheat Kingdom are in worse shape and I do not know how long they can last." In tumultuous war, stabilizing the citizens' popular sentiment was most important. The Fire Country had not only needed to feed their own citizens, they also had to allow the refugees from the other countries they had received to scrape out a living.

    Fortunately the Fire Country was wealthy and their people strong, or they would not have been able to bear the burden.

    "No need for such superfluous actions." Jun Wu Xie said suddenly.

    Lei Chen looked at Jun Wu Xie in puzzlement.

    "But Your Majesty....." They really had no more money.....

    "Ye Jie." Jun Wu Xie said as she turned her head slightly, calling out to the little girl hiding in the corner who was carrying a little hamster in her hands.

    Ye Jie who heard her name being called out immediately raised her head nervously.
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