Chapter 1408: “Secretly Rich Asking to be Kept (2)”

    Chapter 1408: "Secretly Rich Asking to be Kept (2)"

    Ye Sha gave a slight cough from the side indicating Ye Jie to go on over. Unaccustomed to interacting with others, Ye Jie half side of her face flushed red as she stepped with her little silver belled feet, the bells tinkling as she walked to come before Jun Wu Xie.

    "Ye Jie here....." She answered with a weak voice.

    "Hand the Hell Rodent over to me." Jun Wu Xie said as she stretched her hand towards Ye Jie. Ye Jie then quickly handed the Hell Rodent over to Jun Wu Xie's hand almost without a moment's hesitation.

    Hugging a chestnut to its chest, the Hell Rodent was still snoring asleep when it was poked awake by Jun Wu Xie's fingertip. It then stood up groggily upon Jun Wu Xie's palm, its tiny paws still grasping the chestnut tightly.

    That was a prize he had just barely managed to snatch from under Lord Meh Meh and the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit's paws!

    "Squeak?" The Hell Rodent looked at Jun Wu Xie in confusion.

    Jun Wu Xie stroked its tiny belly and she found the soft furry sensation under her fingers highly irresistible.

    "Throw up."Jun Wu Xie said.

    The Hell Rodent blinked its eyes and turned its head to look at Ye Jie. When it saw Ye Jie nod her head, it finally released that chestnut in its paws and after carefully placing it on Jun Wu Xie's palm, it opened its little mouth and dug its paws into its mouth!

    After that, Lei Chen stared with his eyes widened and his jaw almost dropped when he saw the puny sized Hell Rodent pulling out an egg sized luminous pearl from inside its mouth!

    "Squeak!" The Hell Rodent held the luminous pearl before Jun Wu Xie's eyes.

    But Jun Wu Xie still shook her head.

    The Hell Rodent stuffed the luminous pearl back into its mouth and then pulled a beautiful piece of jade out from its mouth. The eyes of Little Jue standing on the side immediately lit up!


    Shook head.

    Magical artifact.


    Shook head.

    After seeing the things the Hell Rodent pulling out from its mouth becoming more and more mind blowing, Jun Wu Xie then simply pointed at the glittery golden dragon throne she was seated upon.

    The Hell Rodent immediately understood what Jun Wu Xie meant as it pulled out a gold bar from inside its mouth with a flourish!

    Jun Wu Xie then nodded her head in satisfaction.


    Hence, the Hell Rodent then leapt off from Jun Wu Xie's palm and stood upon the dragon throne as it pulled solid gold bars out from its mouth continuously.....

    In just the blink of an eye, the gold bars accumulated at Jun Wu Xie's feet had already covered past her ankles.

    Lei Chen's eyes were fixed upon the scene before him, already stunned way beyond words.

    [Great Lords!]

    [Could that fat rat that be the legendary bottomless treasure trove? !]

    The heavy clunks continued to fill the air as the Hell Rodent went on to pour gold bars out from its mouth. The entire floor of the great hall was soon completely filled with gold bars that slipped all over the place.

    Seeing such an enormous amount of gold bars, was just too incredible to believe.

    And the Hell Rodent did not seem to be slowing in the slightest.

    It wasn't till the gold bars filled every last corner of the enormous great hall and was about to spill out over the threshold at the door that Jun Wu Xie finally said: "Alright. Just throw up these for now."

    The Hell Rodent immediately clamped its mouth shut and tottered its way back onto Jun Wu Xie's hand to hold the sad and miserable looking chestnut as its happily scuttled back onto Ye Jie's shoulder.

    Acting as if.....

    All those countless number of gold bars on the floor, was not even the least bit more valuable than the tattered and badly chewed up little chestnut, that was all covered with holes and tiny bite marks.

    "Take these first to deal with the immediate needs. If its not enough, just go to Ye Jie. She'll have enough." Jun Wu Xie said generously.

    Lei Chen's eyes were already almost blinded by the sea of brilliantly glittering gold right before him with his jaw still upon the floor, unable to recover himself.

    This was the first time that he discovered, their His Majesty was actually..... so unimaginably rich!

    [That fat rat there, really isn't a bottomless treasure trove?]

    Qu Ling Yue stifled a smile as she looked at Jun Wu Xie, her eyes filled with awe and reverence, like no matter what kind of earth shattering deed Jun Wu Xie did, it was as it should be in Qu Ling Yue's eyes, because..... Jun Wu Xie in her heart, was just omnipotent.
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