Chapter 1409: “Secretly Rich Asking to be Kept (3)”

    Chapter 1409: "Secretly Rich Asking to be Kept (3)"

    Qiao Chu looked at Lei Chen looking completely flabbergasted and he felt completely well satisfied.

    If Lei Chen only knew that what he was seeing before his eyes was merely the tip of the iceberg, he wondered what Lei Chen would then think?

    Before they had left the Dark Emperor's tomb, Ye Jie had gotten the Hell Rodent to swallow up all the treasures within the place into its belly and the Dark Emperor's tomb now was just an empty shell as even the Dark Emperor's coffin had been swallowed up by the Hell Rodent as well.

    Whenever he thought of the fact that the people from the Middle Realm were still blindly searching for the famed legendary treasures, stumbling over each other in incessant waves and dying as martyrs, Qiao Chu would feel an evil sense of satisfaction in his heart.

    Who would have thought that all of the riches the Dark Emperor once possessed would now be stuffed up within the belly of that tiny little innocent looking Hell Rodent?

    With the riches the Dark Emperor had, there's no need to even talk about rescuing the Fire Country's treasury, even if they wanted to arm everyone within the entire Lower Realm from their toes up to every single strand of hair on their heads, it could easily be accomplished!

    With the injection of that mountainous pile of gold bars from Jun Wu Xie, Lei Chen was finally able to heaved a sigh of relief and did not have to worry about money.

    The Fire Country's situation was still rather stable and Wen Yu then went on to report to Jun Wu Xie about the current situations of the Qi Kingdom and the Buckwheat Kingdom.

    The Qi Kingdom had Qi Kingdom's military strength had been badly depleted by the war from before and fortunately they still had the Rui Lin Army holding the fort. Within one short year, the Qi Kingdom's military strength had bloated up by ten times and their battle prowess had grown to be a match to that of the Fire Country. The Buckwheat Kingdom had an adequate strength in numbers but in terms of training, they were not as well practiced as the Lin Palace and hence Qu Ling Yue had sent Lei Xi to the Buckwheat Kingdom to prop them up. Lei Xi had silently endured himself for many years painstakingly seeking for an opportunity to exact revenge. He actually possessed rather great talent and had an exceptional understanding in military tactics and strategies. The Qi Kingdom had also temporarily sent Long Qi to help the Buckwheat Kingdom and with the addition of these two people, it had allowed the Buckwheat Kingdom's army to be elevated up a few levels in battle prowess.

    "The Poison Men's numbers are just too numerous and seeking to completely eradicate them in a short span of time would pose to be rather difficult. The biggest headache we have facing us now is that we had not been able to pinpoint where the nest of the Poison Men really is. I am of the belief that behind these attacks from the Poison Men, there is definitely someone masterminding it all from behind the scenes. Those Poison Men were originally just common citizens and because they were inflicted with the poison, they lost their humanity and turned into puppets manipulated by someone's unseen hands. If we are not able to sniff out the hidden mastermind behind all of this, even if we defeat the Poison Men armies every single time, as long as that person still remains, he would be able to constantly take advantage of the chaos and turmoil sweeping across the lands to create even more Poison Men." Wen Yu said with a faint sigh. Towards the calamity that struck the Lower Realm this time, he already had his own guesses about it in his heart, but it was not convenient for him to share it with Qu Ling Yue and the others, while he was sure Jun Wu Xie knew exactly what he was driving at.

    With the entire lands in chaos, every country was bitterly fighting to hold out. When the smoke beacons of war rose, people everywhere were not able to live and escaping refugees were all over the place, those refugees would easily be targeted by some people.

    "For this matter, I will deal with it." Jun Wu Xie said as her eyes narrowed, completely understanding what Wen Yu was telling her.

    Without eradicating the source, it will still be merely treating the symptoms and not the root.

    "Dumb Qiao." Jun Wu Xie said suddenly.

    "Here!" Qiao Chu immediately stepped forward.

    "You and Brother Hua stay here and guard the Fire Country while Little Yan and Little Ruo will make your way to the Qi Kingdom. Fan Zhuo you will bring Little Jue to the Buckwheat Kingdom and if any situation occurs, you can just strike. If you discover any news about the mastermind behind all this, investigate carefully into it." Jun Wu Xie instructed firmly and decisively.

    "Yes!" Qiao Chu and the other companions immediately acknowledged!

    With their current powers, even if they were trapped deep within the Poison Men army, they would be able to escape safely.

    "Wu Yao, you shall then come with me to look into the powers of this mastermind behind the Poison Men army." Jun Wu Xie then said as the corners of her lips curled up into a chilling smile. Against one who dared to stir up such a storm here in the Lower Realm, he really couldn't blame her for being harsh towards him.
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