Chapter 1410: “Sly Rat (1)”

    Chapter 1410: "Sly Rat (1)"

    To sniff out the mastermind hiding behind the scenes, one must first find his location. That person was very intelligent and till now he had never once shown his face before. Although the ruler of the various countries had their own guesses, they were however still unable to identify the person. For Jun Wu Xie to locate that person within the entire Lower Realm, it would be like finding a needle within a haystack.

    But it was not completely without clues. Jun Wu Xie had marked out the few main areas around the spots the Poison Men had first appeared in the beginning and intended to start her search from those places.

    Having just returned but was immediately about to part again, Qu Ling Yue's heart was suddenly feeling highly reluctant, but she was not able to speak a single word urging her to stay, having to wish her success in her endeavours instead.

    Qiao Chu and the other companions went about preparing for their own assignments while Ye Sha, Ye Mei and Ye Jie followed Jun Wu Xie and Jun Wu Yao. Before they left, Jun Wu Xie did not forget to make the Hell Rodent throw up another two batches of gold bars to let Rong Ruo and her other companions bring to the Qi Kingdom and the Buckwheat Kingdom, at the same time digging out a few magical artifacts for the gang to serve as extra protection.

    When they were left the Fire Country, in order to deal with everything in the shortest time possible, Jun Wu Xie unabashedly used Jun Wu Yao as her mode of transportation as with Jun Wu Yao flying, his speed was more than ten times faster than a horse carriage.

    In an extremely short time, Jun Wu Xie made her way to the spot where the very first incident had occurred. Those places were by now completely uninhabited and the houses had all fallen into ruin and disrepair and Jun Wu Xie did not manage to gather any useful clues from there.

    Her initial guess was almost denied of any possibility at that moment and Jun Wu Xie had no other leads to continue to work on.

    "We will definitely find it, do not be too anxious." Jun Wu Yao soothed with a slight sigh when he saw Jun Wu Xie's brows frown up. The worries in his little one's heart was really becoming more and more.

    "There must be a problem somewhere. It shouldn't become like this." Jun Wu Xie said as she sat down upon the dilapidated stone step. The city before her eyes was the place the Poison Men were first spotted and the entire city was completely abandoned where not a single person would be found within a surrounding ten mile radius of here. The city had been destroyed by the Poison Men and it lay here empty with a heavy silence hanging over it except for the sound of the wind blowing past her ears.

    They had searched through more than ten places consecutively and it still had not yielded her any results. Jun Wu Xie kept having a feeling that she was misunderstanding something somewhere and she took out the map of the Lower Realm to spread it onto the ground. She then used a charcoal pencil to mark out all the places the Poison Men had appeared before one by one. She had visited every single place marked out upon the map and besides complete desolation, she had found nothing else from them.

    Everything seemed to have bloomed from within the places the incidents had occurred themselves, done so cleanly that it would puzzle anyone.

    Jun Wu Xie stared at the more than ten black dots before her and fell deep into thought.

    "Actually, in this whole incident, there is something odd about it. The Twelve Palaces becoming anxious being pushed to the wall is understandable but why are they taking such great pains to do this? Do they seek to destroy the entire Lower Realm? All the places that Young Miss gathered the maps from previously have also been searched and nothing unexpected had happened in those places. When those people lost the maps, they did not go search for them after that." Ye Sha voiced out his own doubts with his brows slightly furrowed.

    "Not just a single palace had lost their map and if it was because of the map that made them unleash such a maniacal retaliation, then the culprit behind this would not be from just one individual palace alone." Ye Mei added.

    Ye Mei's words fell into Jun Wu Xie's ears and something suddenly seemed to flash within Jun Wu Xie's mind. She immediately reached out her hand and picked up the map from the ground to carefully study it once again.
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