Chapter 1411: “Sly Rat (2)”

    Chapter 1411: "Sly Rat (2)"

    Suddenly, Jun Wu Xie discovered a place that was suspicious.

    "Wu Yao, look here." Jun Wu Xie said as she placed her finger on a spot upon the map.

    Jun Wu Yao looked at the spot Jun Wu Xie's finger was pointing at and his brow lifted slightly in thought.

    The places that Jun Wu Xie had marked out did not focus on any particular area and it could even be said to be highly scattered. If one did not look very carefully, no one would discover anything wrong with it. But with just one point of the finger from Jun Wu Xie, everything marked out upon the map seemed to be calling out.

    The black dots marked upon the map that numbered more than ten of them were placed on many areas but if one looked carefully enough, the black dots still seem to circle around a particular place, forming up a strange and irregular circle.

    And right in the centre of that circle, was a virtually unheard of city, That city belonged to a little country called the Fan Country. They were not powerful and did not command much of a presence in the Lower Realm and that city was one that could be considered to be slightly large, not too prosperous but due to its proximity to a mine, it enjoyed rich resources, which gained it a little bit of fame.

    Qu Ling Yue had initially carefully recorded the details of the places the Poison Men appeared and everywhere where that they had been spotted before, she had marked them out clearly. And when Jun Wu Xie saw the scrolls that Qu Ling Yue had recorded all the details in, she saw that the places the Poison Men had appeared was highly scattered and had not seemed to have any specific direction. But there was one point that stood out. The places that the Poison Men first attacked were all small countries who were incapable of putting up any significant resistance and they were carried out in places where the results would be thinnest before the calamity spread to the rest of the Lower Realm.

    The Fan Country was also within their scope of attacks but what was strange was that the places where the Fan Country was first attacked was not at their borders, but from a city much further inside.

    Although the number of time they were attacked was very little, but when compared to the multitude of other attacks they carried out, that fact began to stick out.

    "They're a bunch of really sly rats." Jun Wu Yao said as a cold smile curled up the corner of his lips.

    The city pointed out was close to the border and the first city that was first to be attacked was not too far off, and the places where the Poison Men had appeared right after that were also rather close to that city, forming up into an irregular circle.

    Only for this one city that had never suffered a single attack from the Poison Men.

    Based on reason, quite a number of places close to this city had been visited by the Poison Men before but they had miraculously missed out such a large target, which made it a little hard to explain. And the first places that the Poison Men had been places surrounding this place which made one can't help but think there's more to it than meets the eye about the place.

    "If my guess is not wrong, inside this city, we might just gain a significant result." Jun Wu Xie said with a slight curl of her lips. Regardless how sly a rat was, their tails would finally still betray them.

    "Little Xie wants to go there?" Jun Wu Yao asked with a laugh.

    "Naturally." Jun Wu Xie replied.

    Jun Wu Yao smiled and then said: "Alright, as you wish."

    Upon saying that, he suddenly carried up Jun Wu Xie horizontally in his arms, and with a tap of his feet, he went soaring up into the air.

    And Ye Sha, Ye Mei and Ye Jie who had been standing at the side immediately saw their expressions twist up upon seeing Jun Wu Yao leave.

    Their Lord Jue leaving just like that was a little too debonair and carefree. Although they were able to make use of the magical artifacts that enabled them to temporarily fly, but they had already depleted a good part of their strength the entire way and they really found that they were not able to be like their Lord Jue who could just "go on a trip" anytime and anyplace he wished!

    Ye Jie silently touched the Spirit Shackle Mask and instantly turned into Ye Gu.

    "You two morons can just continue to stay here, your Great Lord here will make a move first!" Immediately upon saying that, Ye Gu crushed the magical artifact in his hand to go catch up!

    [Bloody bugger who abandoned us! Scoundrel!] The two men who were left behind cursed and swore miserably aloud.
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