Chapter 1412: “Sly Rat (3)”

    Chapter 1412: "Sly Rat (3)"

    The Fan Country's Clear Breeze City was a city that had a little fame due to it having a vein of ore as resources and that fame was limited only within the Fan Country itself.

    About a year ago, this place was not considered to be a rich nor comfortable but just that like any other large city, it stood on a larger piece of land and that's all.

    But now, the situation at the Clear Breeze City was wholly different.

    When the Poison Men started spreading devastation, the Clear Breeze City became one piece of tranquil paradise within the Fan Country. The place had never had any Poison Man appear before and the inside of the city was the same as it was in the past. As the Clear Breeze City had a vast and wide area but the original inhabitants in the city was not that many, after the Poison Men started appearing everywhere else, quite a number of people from nearby cities began to head to the Clear Breeze City to seek refuge.

    Although these people were escaping from calamity, what these people encountered was just small waves of attack from the Poison Men. They had sustained losses, but it had not hurt them right to their bones. After they came to the Clear Breeze City, they had spent quite an amount of money to settle down in there which made the situation in the Clear Breeze City take a big turn in fortune, to the extent that in certain aspects, they had even overtaken the Fan Country's Imperial Capital in terms of prosperity.

    The walls of the Clear Breeze City were high and mighty as it was originally the Capital City of the Fan Country when it was founded. Over time, as the Fan Country's lands increased, the ruler had better choices and he had then moved the capital elsewhere. But having been once the Capital City, the construction of the Clear Breeze City was highly secure and that became one of the reasons that many people grew to firmly believe why the place would not fall under the attack of the Poison Men.

    With the lands under the Heavens in chaos, refugees frequently escaped to the Clear Breeze City seeking protection and the soldiers guarding the city were highly used to seeing that. They would let a batch of people in everyday and would fish for bribes from there.

    Outside the Clear Breeze City, it was filled with a dense squeeze of refugees who had escaped from disaster and these people were physically and mentally exhausted. No one had noticed that in the forested mountain not too far away, a suspicious black shadow had silently descended from the skies, to land within the dense forest.

    Jun Wu Yao carried Jun Wu Xie and quietly fell among the trees. Jun Wu Xie peered through the gaps between the trees and saw that Clear Breeze City was blocked up by the the mass of refugees surrounding it.

    Outside the Clear Breeze City, many simple and crude tents could be seen and many of the refugees have already erected a sort of temporary abode for themselves.

    Jun Wu Xie watched those refugees and then looked at the set of clean and neat clothes upon her body. If they went over there like this, they would surely drawn a lot of attention to themselves immediately and that would not make for a good start for them.

    But, when she turned around and saw the so tragically good looking Jun Wu Yao, her heart nearly made her vomit out a mouthful of blood.

    She felt that she might be thinking too much about it but after having altered her own looks, standing beside such a brilliantly shining example of a man like Jun Wu Yao, she felt just as inconspicuous as dust.

    "I think that there is a need for us to disguise and alter our looks a little." Jun Wu Xie said.

    In these matters, she had had a lot of experience but Jun Wu Yao.....

    It seemed like with the exception of the colour of his eyes, his face had never changed by much before.

    Jun Wu Yao looked at Jun Wu Xie and put on pained look as he lifted an eyebrow in an arch and said: "Could Little Xie have tired of looking at this bag of skin and now dislikes it?"

    [That's not true!]

    Jun Wu Xie rubbed at her temples. At times like this, only he would still be in the mood to joke around.

    Seeing Jun Wu Xie looking like she was beginning to get a headache, Jun Wu Yao began laughing without restraint and in the end, he received a sharp strike on his abdomen from Jun Wu Xie's elbow!

    "Stop fooling around."

    Jun Wu Yao rubbed at his belly, not feeling any pain but liked it rather much instead.

    "As per your command my Young Miss. This highly reprehensible countenance of my humble self shall be placed in your hands, and to be dealt with as you deem fit." Jun Wu Yao said with a smile as he held Jun Wu Xie's tiny hand up, to place it upon his face.
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