Chapter 1413: “Getting Into the City (1)”

    Chapter 1413: "Getting Into the City (1)"

    Jun Wu Xie stared at the mirth hidden deep within Jun Wu Yao's eyes and sighed slightly exasperated. She then took a slight step back and crossed her arms before her chest as she stared unruffled at Jun Wu Yao feigning docility.


    "Take off your robe first."

    Jun Wu Yao was immediately stunned in his spot.

    After working on it for a while, Jun Wu Yao's handsome face was transformed under Jun Wu Xie's experienced hands to turn into a cultured and refined face, suddenly stripped of some of that blinding handsomeness, and looking a little bookish instead. He then changed into a light blue robe that Jun Wu Xie threw at him with a folding fan hanging from his hip. At one glance, he looked completely like a scholarly and gentle intellectual.

    From being an almighty and powerful demon lord to become a frail and modest scholar, that transformation completely caused the little black cat watching on the side to feel its skin crawl in horror.

    Under the entire Heavens, it is thought that only its Mistress alone would dare to mess around on that face.

    Compared to the change that Jun Wu Yao had undergone, it had been much simpler for Jun Wu Xie. She only needed to adjust her features that she had already altered and just grabbed a robe to change into.

    In the process of her changing, before Jun Wu Xie could prepare herself, Jun Wu Yao lifted his hand in a wave, which gathered all the leaves from all the surrounding branches to fall in a spiral ringing around Jun Wu Xie, that shielded her within a simple and independant space, a space where even Jun Wu Yao himself was excluded without.

    By the time Jun Wu Xie changed and came out, she had turned into a delicate youth who looked like he was down and out.

    The two of them were dressed in coarse and crude clothes, their faces unremarkable, and they would blend in inconspicuously within the crowd.

    The cautious Jun Wu Xie then proceeded to slightly mess up Jun Wu Yao's hair as he looked smilingly at her, putting on a tormented and aggrieved look to ask: "Little Young Master, why humiliate your servant like this? Could your humble servant have done anything inappropriate?"

    Jun Wu Xie immediately rolled her eyes at him, thinking that he was really enjoying himself too much.

    Jun Wu Yao saw Jun Wu Xie roll her eyes and did not mind that expression of disdain in the least, but instead felt very warm inside. [The little one's expressions has become more and more expressive nowadays hasn't it?]

    After the two of them were finished with their disguise, they went out of the forest and followed the road to come to the outside of the Clear Breeze City. The gates of the Clear Breeze City was densely packed with refugees seeking to enter the city, with layers upon layers of people before it.

    "We don't even know whether they will let a few more people in today."

    "I have been waiting here for several days! This Clear Breeze City only allows that small number of people to enter everyday. Sigh. But there's one good thing though, they give priority to the elderly and the young children, which shows that the Lord of the city has a bit of a conscience."

    In times of crisis, humanity would often be put to the test. Even for people who know each other if not blood related are faced with the risk of their lives, might not choose to care for each other. At times like this, the younger and stronger are usually prioritised but the Clear Breeze City seemed to still hold that bit on conscience who did not only not reject the elderly and very young, but were instead giving priority to these frail and weak ones to enter the city, a point that won quite a bit of praise from many people.

    Jun Wu Xie listened those words spoken by the people around but did not immediately draw her conclusion but just merely watched the densely packed crowd of people. Based on the speed that she was seeing, it would take more than just a while for them to be able to gain entry into the city.

    Jun Wu Xie fell deep in thought for a moment and then blinked her eyes at Jun Wu Yao. Jun Wu Yao smiled faintly, immediately understanding Jun Wu Xie's intentions.

    "Who dropped this leaf of gold?"

    Someone among the crowd suddenly shouted loudly and slivers of glittery golden leaves were seen to be scattering down from the sky, quickly falling into the crowd. The refugees immediately started screaming as they bent their bodies down to pick them, instantly loosening up the crowd as spaces freed up among the people.
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