Chapter 1414: “Getting Into the City (2)”

    Chapter 1414: "Getting Into the City (2)"

    Jun Wu Xie pulled on Jun Wu Yao as they slipped to come before the city gates when the crowd opened up some space.

    The soldiers at the city gates were a little stunned when they saw the commotion within the crowd, never having thought that leaves of gold would really fall from the sky out of nothing.

    When they turned their heads and saw Jun Wu Xie and Jun Wu Yao standing right before them, the brows of the soldiers immediately creased together.

    "Where are the two of you from?"

    Jun Wu Xie took a step forward and quietly slipped two gold ingots into the hand of the soldier, which caused the eyes of the soldier to stare at them incredulously!

    Soldiers that were assigned to guard the city gate usually did not hold much authourity or influence where they were not able to accumulate much in the way of bribes within the city. Hence, they were sent to this place to stand under the sun and rain. They had never seen so much money and the eyeballs of the two soldiers were almost popping out of their heads.

    "My two Big Brothers, we are from a nearby city and the days were becoming too hard for us. We heard that the Clear Breeze City is safe and we rushed all the way over here. I beg that my two Big Brothers here could find it in your hearts to make it a little more convenient for us in this situation." Jun Wu Xie said.

    The eyes of the two guards were already shining upon seeing the brilliant gold. Seeing that everyone else was still bent over picking the golden leaves and no one was paying any attention to this side, they immediately waved the two of them through quickly.

    "Go in quick."

    "Thanks." Jun Wu Xie nodded slightly but was not in a hurry to enter but went on to say: "It's our first time coming here and are not familiar with the place. I wonder if Big Brother will be able to share a thing or two about the city with us."

    Upon saying that, she pulled out another gold ingot.

    The guard at the gates was swallowing hard as he stared at the gold and he quickly got someone to replace him at a position without a care before he led Jun Wu Xie and Jun Wu Yao into the city.

    "Money makes the world go round", and Jun Wu Xie knew that well.

    "From the way the two of you look, it doesn't seem like you have suffered much. Now that you've come into the Clear Breeze City, as long as you have enough silver, you're guaranteed a good life." Having accepted the money, the guard who led the two of them into the city was naturally telling them things straight and was not going to be overly courteous with his words.

    "Usually we will not let people like you guys into the city, but as our little brother here has been highly persuasive, I have make an exception just for you and make another two friends today. If there is anything you do not understand in the future, you can jolly well just come find me." The guard said with a smile, his words lofty and grand but was actually eyeing the fact that these two people were highly generous with their money.

    "Usually not let in? What does that mean?" Jun Wu Xie asked, feigning ignorance.

    The guard then told her: "Our City Lord has instructed us to only allow three hundred people into the city everyday, with priority given to the elderly and children. For people like you two, you'll have to suffer a long wait."

    "Is that really possible? At times like this, shouldn't it be best that the city takes in younger and stronger people?" Jun Wu Xie asked.

    "Although what you say makes sense, but who asked our City Lord to be such a kind man who is unable to see people suffer? Didn't you notice that the people still plopped outside before the gates are a bunch of men in their prime? The elderly, women and children have already been allowed inside. One other thing, if you are seeking to find a place to live in, I think you'll have to wait a few days. It'll be better for you to find yourself an inn first. If your purse strings feeling rather loose, you can go find yourself a suitable manor and buy it. But the land in this city is currently an inch of gold for an inch of land, highly expensive. If you do not have money, you can report to the magistrate's office and someone will arrange a place for you to stay after a few days." The guard was at least forthright, sharing everything that he thought he should, and even leading Jun Wu Xie and Jun Wu Yao to an inn, only leaving after he saw that they were settled in.

    Jun Wu Xie and Jun Wu Yao booked two guest rooms and then went ahead into their rooms to rest.
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