Chapter 1415: “Getting Into the City (3)”

    Chapter 1415: "Getting Into the City (3)"

    "The City Lord is kind?" Jun Wu Xie muttered to herself as she sat in the room, thinking over what the guard had said, finding it just hilarious.

    If he was truly kind, why would he only let in three hundred people a day? Consistently letting people in like this made it clear to see that the Clear Breeze City was still able to accommodate more people, but they still insisted on only releasing a small number in intermittently. Moreover, the refugees staying within the tents outside in tents were not cared for in the least.

    This seemingly kind act before Jun Wu Xie's eyes was just a highly clumsy attempt at pulling wool over the eyes of people.

    When she had entered the Clear Breeze City earlier, Jun Wu Xie had already noticed that the streets and alleys inside the Clear Breeze City were not that highly packed with people and it was clear that the city was not yet filled to capacity and it would even be said that they still had a lot of space.

    On the streets that she passed, she had not seen that many elderly and children either and the population mix had looked very much like what it normally was in an average city. If things had really been like what that guard had told her, then the Clear Breeze City had always given priority to the elderly and very young to enter the city, then the amount of elderly and young children in the Clear Breeze City would surely differ far from that small number she had seen.

    Moreover, the Poison Men had been carrying out their attacks for more than a year and the Clear Breeze City had started to accept refugees from more than six months ago. Calculating based on the rate of three hundred people a day, the city should have a minimum of an additional population numbering tens of thousands at least. With the singular type of people they claimed to prioritise entry for, it was impossible that it could result in what she had seen in the city.

    "There is something strange with this city indeed." Jun Wu Xie said with a sneer as the edges of her lips curled up, her chin propped up with a palm as she leaned upon the table while looking at the little black cat upon its surface.

    "Mistress." The little black cat said as it licked at her paws.


    Haven't you noticed what we're missing?" The little black cat said lazily.

    Jun Wu Xie was slightly startled as she thought about it a moment before she shook her head.

    The little black cat sat upright and looked into Jun Wu Xie's eyes as it said in a calm voice: "Ye Sha, Ye Mei, Ye Gu....."

    It suddenly came to Jun Wu Xie's mind that she and Jun Wu Yao had moved at a very high speed this time and they had cleanly forgotten about the three brothers from the Ye Family!

    "They will find their way here on their own." Jun Wu Xie said, after clearing her throat slightly.

    The little black cat stared in speechlessness at Jun Wu Xie. It was not worried about Ye Sha and the other two as the powers they possessed spoke for themselves, but was rather more worried about Lord Meh Meh and the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit in Ye Sha's and Ye Mei's arms.....

    "It's still early and I think I will go see what the situation is like within this city." Jun Wu Xie said as she stood up. She had intended to leave immediately but she still went to inform Jun Wu Yao about it first. Jun Wu Yao had wanted to go along but was made to remain at the inn by Jun Wu Xie, using the reason that he needed to wait for Ye Sha and the others to arrive to make him remain behind.

    Jun Wu Yao had no choice but to look on mournfully as Jun Wu Xie stepped out on her own.

    Hence, by the time Ye Sha and the others who had rushed with all their might to reach the place came in, the skies was as dark as Jun Wu Yao's face at that moment.

    Inside the Clear Breeze City, it was peaceful and tranquil as Jun Wu Xie walked along the wide streets, looking at the hawkers shouting out their wares and the highly relaxed and laid back citizens. If not for the fact that she knew how chaotic and dangerous it was outside in the rest of the world, looking at the way these people were, one would really think that the lands were at peace and there wasn't a calamity outside.

    The citizens within the Clear Breeze City seemed not to be aware of the crisis outside as they continued with their leisurely life as usual. Jun Wu Xie observed everything carefully and found that it was easy to differentiate between the resident citizens of the Clear Breeze City and the refugees. One only had to look at their eyes they would be able to make a good guess about it. Refugees who had come escaping into the city were usually flustered, completely different with the laid back and leisurely demeanor of the original residents.

    Jun Wu Xie walked an entire round around the city and the number of refugees she saw was less than she thought, at several thousand at most, a complete mismatch from the figure she had loosely calculated earlier.
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