Chapter 1417: “Good Samaritan (2)”

    Chapter 1417: "Good Samaritan (2)"

    The man standing at the forefront of the group was good looking and his mannerisms elegant and poised. A gentle smile shone on his face as he looked at the refugees gathering closer.

    "Mmm." The man then nodded his head at his attendants besides him.

    The attendants were all holding a wooden box in their hands and when they received the signal from the man, the attendants opened up the boxes to reveal snow white buns, still steaming slightly, looking just downright delicious.

    The refugees on both sides immediately broke out in a commotion at the sight of those white buns. They had been temporarily put into this place and although they no longer had to worry about attacks from the Poison Men, the life they lived here was however not that great as even finding themselves proper meals everyday was a big headache for them. Although the Clear Breeze City would distribute some bread to them daily, the portions were always quite a small amount.

    Everyone could get at most two of those bread everyday and if that bread that was smaller than their palms were expected to sustain them for an entire day, it was really rather hard. With just the paltry amount of food sent by the Clear Breeze City, many of them had to go hungry.

    Having not enough to eat for the past few days and suddenly seeing someone bring so much food here, the refugees were naturally unable to contain themselves.

    They wished they could immediately leap over to snatch all those buns up but they had no choice but to hold themselves back and just stare longingly at the lavishly dressed group of "good Samaritans" with their eyes.

    The attendants quickly delivered the buns into the hands of the waiting refugees surrounding them, giving them one each. Although it wasn't too much, but the buns filled them up so much better than the dry and hard bread from the city.

    The refugees held the buns in their hands and quickly offered their thanks to the good looking leader of the men, every one of them expressing deep gratitude.

    The man nodded and smiled at the elderly and young children alike, his smile gentle as the spring breeze.

    Besides the buns, the wooden boxes also contained some simple snacks that was put into the children's hands. The snacks were not that exquisite but to the homeless and destitute children, they were prizes extremely hard to come by and the innocent and happy laughter of the children quickly pealed within the refugee camp.

    "Have things been well these past days?" The leader of the men asked as he looked at the close to two hundred refugees surrounding him, his face looking all smiley and friendly.

    "Allowing us to come into the city was already a big privilege for us. How could we still complain whether it's good or not in here. We are already old and weak and we're content to just have a mouthful of rice to eat. We just pity these children, as they are still so young....." Some of the old women replied, unable to help the sadness that crept into their hearts looking at the children. They were already well advanced in age and were not far from death. But these children who were their grandkids coming into the city with them, had quite a number of them fall ill due to the harsh toil from the journey they had to make while escaping.

    Now that they were in the Clear Breeze City, due to their embarrassing situation in their purse, they really could not afford to let the children have their sickness looked at.

    The man looked at the weak and sickly children and his eyes narrowed up, glinting with a malicious flash, so quickly it did not allow people to capture, before immediately reverting back to the gentle smile from before.

    "These littles ones are sick?" The man then asked in a worried tone.

    Several women holding young children in their arms wiped at the tears in their eyes.

    "That's right. These children are still so young and their bodies still frail. After suffering consecutives bouts of fright and terror, a demonic wind might have slipped into their bodies....." The old woman said in a highly pained voice, her tone hesitant as she looked at the "good Samaritan" before her.

    The man sensed the old woman's intentions and he then said: "I have some medicine here. It's nothing that great but it might help alleviate or provide some relief from the child's ailment." Upon saying that, he got one of his attendant to bring over a bottle of elixirs, to put into the hand of the old woman.

    "Here, let the children take these together with water, they should feel better after." The man said reassuringly with a smile.

    The old woman thanked the man profusely. She had not held much hope, but the man had unexpectedly responded to her unspoken request.
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