Chapter 1418: “Good Samaritan (3)”

    Chapter 1418: "Good Samaritan (3)"

    "Most benevolent benefactor! You're really a good person! If not for you here, these children will have to suffer more! Let this old one thank you most benevolent benefactor on everyone's behalf! This bunch of elderly folks and too young ones here really do not have much we can repay your kindness with but please accept a deep bow from this old woman at least!" Upon saying that, the old woman was going to kneel and bow but was held back by the man holding her by both her arms.

    "Your words are making me feel highly ashamed. With the lands in crisis and my arms too weak to kill the enemy to save the country, I can only remain here to help those who need help. So, elderly one, you do not need to be so courteous. If there is any other need in future, just come look for me anytime at the Fortune Spring Hall. My name is Luo Xi, the owner of Fortune Spring Hall." Luo Xi said with a smile.

    The old woman was visibly moved as she looked at the good looking and gentle Luo Xi, truly believing that he was the kindest person under the Heavens.

    The other women with sick children had upon hearing Luo Xi's words felt even more surprised. Having been on the run, they have not met such a upright and kindly person for a long time.

    "Our benevolent benefactor is actually the owner of the Fortune Spring Hall? The Fortune Spring Hall is the biggest medical shop in the Clear Breeze City and I have heard about them. It was said that the Fortune Spring Hall frequently provides help to the refugees. Just recently, a family's child fell very ill who came here as refugees having escaped from another city. They did not have a single copper on them but when they pleaded with the Fortune Spring Hall, the Fortune Spring Hall saved the child without taking any money from them. They even accepted the entire family to help out at the shop and the family is doing very well now." Someone who knew what happened immediately announced the good deed that Luo Xi had done.

    The group of people who had just come into the city were immediately highly envious upon hearing that. Seeing the way Luo Xi was dressed, they could see that he was from quite a prosperous background. Coupled with such a good heart in him, the group quickly developed a kind of trust towards Luo Xi subconsciously.

    Afterall, as refugees, they had no money, and no power. Hence, there was no need for Luo Xi to put on a show for them as they had nothing they could give him.

    Luo Xi remained within the refugee camp for a while more before he left with his attendants. When they left, the refugees were seeing him off the entire way, their words of gratitude incessantly filling up Luo Xi's ears.

    However, not long after Luo Xi walked out from the refugee camp, the gentle smile upon his face quickly disappeared in an instant, his straight brows immediately creasing together as he stared at his own two hands to say in disgust: "That was just so filthy!"

    "Young Master, here." An attendant immediately delivered a clean handkerchief to him.

    Luo Xi snatched it from the attendant's hand and wiped at his hands furiously for a while. "It was so dirty it was nauseating. Why is the stink in that place so bad? Damn it. That old hag who lived too long had nothing better to do but had to decide to want to kneel, forcing me to have to feign concern to hold her up. That was just..... absolutely disgusting."

    Luo Xi's face twisted up with utter and unabashed contempt, a completely different person from the one before gentle one in the refugee camp earlier.

    "Young Master, quell your rage. Why would you need to get yourself riled up with an old hag like that? Your subordinate will get someone to put an end to her tomorrow." The attendant standing right beside him said.

    Luo Xi said with his face still creased in a frown: "No need."

    "Let that old hag remain alive a little longer. Wait till the new ones that come in know how good I am first and it still won't be too late to get rid of her at that time. She is still of some use now."

    "Right, right."

    "Alright, let's hurry on back. We don't want to keep the Master waiting too long." Luo Xi said as he tossed the handkerchief onto the ground as he strode off quickly.

    His bunch of lackeys then quickly followed behind eagerly.

    Unfortunately, the evil hearted Luo Xi had not noticed in the slightest that every single word and action of his had been seen by someone else.

    Jun Wu Xie stood hidden within the shadows as she watched Luo Xi's highly contrasting character before and after and the corners of her mouth curled up into a chilling smile.

    "Hypocrite." The little black cat lay upon Jun Wu Xie's shoulder said. "This man is really evil hearted. She was just offering her gratitude and he wants to take her life instead. How vicious is that! Mistress, there's definitely something wrong with this one, he must be a scoundrel from the Twelve Palaces for sure!"
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