Chapter 1419: “Good Samaritan (4)”

    Chapter 1419: "Good Samaritan (4)"

    Jun Wu Xie stared at Luo Xi's retreating back deep in thought.

    After breaking through to the Purple Spirit, her senses had become highly sensitive to detecting the spirit powers on others. As long as the other party's spirit powers were not higher than hers by too much, she was able to ascertain their spirit power level.

    Jun Wu Xie had sensed that the spirit power on Luo Xi was pathetically low, at only the red spirit level. The powers of the other attendants around him were similarly not high as well with the highest among them having just broken through to the orange spirit.

    Such spirit powers, were small fry that was a dime a dozen even in the Lower Realm and Jun Wu Xie did not think that the Twelve Palaces would really send such a piece of trash into the Lower Realm.


    Why would Luo Xi want to put on an act in front of the frail refugees made up of elderly and young children?

    That was a highly suspicious point.

    The people in the refugee camp were mostly people who were very weak. They were either too old or still too young. Even if there were some young girls in there, they were mostly sallow faced and stick thin, who didn't look like they could be of much worth in being made use of.

    But Luo Xi had instead purposely pretended to be a good Samaritan to show kindness and benevolence in the refugee camp, which was one thing that Jun Wu Xie did not fully understand immediately.

    Jun Wu Xie lowered her head to look at the bun and the elixir in her hands. These two items were the things that Luo Xi had gotten his men to distribute to the refugees and Jun Wu Xie had gotten one of each item.

    The two items looked very normal on the surface. The bun had already gone cold and becoming rather hard. Jun Wu Xie peeled the bun open and put it before her nose to sniff at it slightly, and her brows immediately creased up into a furrow.

    "Somebody added White Bamboo into this."

    "White Bamboo?" The little black cat only felt that the words sounded familiar but could not recall anything about it on the spur of the moment.

    "White Bamboo, warming properties and promotes blood circulation. If a person takes it for long periods, it would cause a surge in the blood and make one highly alert but easily excitable. In the twenty fourth century, this had already become a substitute for stimulants." Jun Wu Xie said, her mouth curling up in a sneer. White Bamboo was a herb that she knew so well that she could not become more familiar with. From White Bamboo, one could extract something that could make a person incomparably excited for a short period of time and when induced into the body, it was extremely difficult to detect. It was a substitute stimulant in the twenty fourth century and was often used by people who people with evil intentions in competitive sports.

    And such herbs were very frequently seen in the organization where almost every single member had a portion. It was prepared in case of emergencies.  If they encountered a crisis and their bodies were not feeling in good shape, they only needed to drink the extracts of White Bamboo and they would instantly be restored to their peak.

    But after Jun Wu Xie was reborn, she had not seen the White Bamboo once. She had thought it did not exist in this alternative world and unexpectedly, she actually discovered traces of the White Bamboo here at this place.

    White Bamboo could be used as a stimulant in face of a crisis and taking its extracts for long periods might even strengthen the body. But with such strengthening effects, it brought great harm to a person's brain and its nervous system and only people in the organization who had signed a death indemnity agreement could use it.

    Jun Wu Xie had once seen a person in her past life who continuously ingested the White Bamboo extracts for an entire month. After that one month, his body's resilience had become  distinctly stronger than the average person and he had turned immensely strong. But the side effects had been equally clear to see as his intelligence was also constantly deteriorating. He had been a adult male over thirty years of age but in that one month, his intelligence had been reduced to become like that of a thirteen or fourteen year old.

    When White Bamboo was used as a substitute stimulant, at the same time that it gets the body highly excited, the brain would also be put in a high state of stimulation. The longer such a situation was maintained, the worse the damage caused to the brain would be.
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