Chapter 1420: “No Lack of Money (1)”

    Chapter 1420: "No Lack of Money (1)"

    Jun Wu Xie suddenly thought of those Poison Men and saw from the circumstances that the Poison Men were in, it was highly similar to that of people who have overdosed on White Bamboo, only that it's effects were more severe.

    "Looks like the people from the Twelve Palaces have added quite a large quantity of White Bamboo into the poisonous liquid they use to create Poison Men." Jun Wu Xie said as her palm blazed with a furious purple fire that disintegrated the bun into ashes.

    Within that elixir pill, Jun Wu Xie also detected traces of White Bamboo and its dosage in there was even higher than the amount that was in the bun!

    These elixirs were to be fed to the children who had fallen ill and the nervous system in the brain of young children were still highly delicate as they were still in the developing stages and if their brains were overly stimulated in this period, it could cause irreparable damage to them.

    Fed with an elixir like this, the harm that the children were going to suffer would be for life, and it would be damage that was irreversible.

    Even for a person as cold and indifferent as Jun Wu Xie, seeing such a venomous and insidious method being used caused a fiery rage to rise within her chest.

    What kind of a good Samaritan!? He was just a evil demon that seeked to rob the lives from people!

    Shrouding himself with the cover of a kindly Samaritan, he was pushing people over into the deep abyss where even at the final remaining moments of their sanity that was robbed from them, their last thoughts might very well still be thanking this "good Samaritan"!

    Compared to a hypocrite like Luo Xi, Jun Wu Xie would rather admire those who were blatantly evil! At least for those, they were a little more upfront with their evil deeds.

    "Mistress, seeing that they are feeding these refugees White Bamboo, could they be using them to create Poison Men?" The little black cat's heart suddenly jumped with the realization. It could not be blamed for being so startled as the facts before them gave it no choice but to come up with such a conclusion.

    White Bamboo could be used to turn a person's body stronger but it would cause the brain great damage. And if White Bamboo was used to lay the foundation at this point before they were taken to be turned into Poison Men, wouldn't the process be highly sped up?

    "That must be the case." Jun Wu Xie snorted with derision and crushed the elixir to dust.

    She was now almost certain that the source of Poison Men were from the Clear Breeze City and at least a part of the Poison Men were created from these refugees. But there was just one point. The Fan Country was just a small country and even if they turned all of its citizens into Poison Men, they would still be unable to create the large numbers of Poison Men throughout the lands.

    How she unraveled this mystery would surely determine whether she could find the key to the real secret behind the Poison Men!

    "Mistress, so what do we do now? Should we go stop those refugees from eating those things?" The little black cat asked.

    But Jun Wu Xie shook her head.

    Only she knew about Luo Xi's hypocritical act and in the hearts of those refugees, Luo Xi was their greatest benefactor saving them from pain and suffering while she was just a complete stranger to all of them. If she was to try to unmask Luo Xi's real face before the refugees, they would never believe a word of what she was saying and she would only end up alerting the enemy instead.

    Such a thankless job that brought no benefits was naturally not what Jun Wu Xie would choose to do.

    Jun Wu Xie rubbed her chin in thought. Since Luo Xi liked to play the "good guy" so much, then she might as well deal him an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, letting him have a taste of his own medicine!

    "Come, we're going into the city to have a look." Jun Wu Xie suddenly said as her eyebrow lifted, walking straight towards the most prosperous streets of the Clear Breeze City.

    With the world in such chaos, but the Clear Breeze City was for some special reason spared all the suffering and turmoil, where everything within the city was as per normal. And due to a bunch of rich and prosperous merchants who came to the city, the economy within the city had quickly soared bullishly by folds.

    At present, the most expensive thing in the Clear Breeze City was not anything else but land within the Clear Breeze City!

    Due to the large influx of refugees into the Clear Breeze City, the prices of houses there had skyrocketed. Places that had originally been not worth any money had now been pushed to exorbitant prices from the speculation of the residents where houses that could be bought for ten over taels in the past were now suddenly solidly met with refusal to sell even with thousand tael offers!
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