Chapter 1421: “No Lack of Money (2)”

    Chapter 1421: "No Lack of Money (2)"

    And it was only these rich refugees with loads of money who would throw such astronomical sums just to buy a piece of land and that peace.

    And it was that sore need that a shop popped up right beside the magistrate's office in the Clear Breeze City specifically for the purpose of buying and selling all kinds of real estate. Many of the refugees who were rich in their purses would turn up at this place not long after they came into the city, seeking for a suitable manor for themselves.

    When Jun Wu Xie walked into the shop, there were already several lavishly dressed refugees standing inside, their demeanor exemplifying the very epitome of "Your Lord has loads of money, so come make a slaughtering off me.".

    Even after having undergone a period of days living as homeless drifters, these people were still rosy cheeked and looking perfectly fine. Two pretty young ladies were serving one who had gold and silver decorating his rotund and pudgy body, a prosperous merchant dressed in a fully brocaded robe as he listened to the two petite voices making incessant introductions.

    Upon the two hands of that man, all ten of his fingers were wearing big rings of glittery gold and he looked every inch a fat sheep about to be put to slaughter.

    "Old Master Liu, what we have here are some of the best manors in this area and not only does it sit upon a vast piece of land, the constructions in the courtyards are also highly ideal. Look, there's even a lily pond where you would be able to relax and sip on wine by its side when the weather gets warm in summer. You will surely find it ideal for your needs." The pretty assistant in the shop said, already having acquired the skill to speak the right words to suit the occasion. Upon seeing this highly gaudily dressed Old Master Liu with his coarse and uncouth mannerisms who had just come to the Clear Breeze City today coming straight to this place, it had made the two little ladies at his side stumbling over themselves to gush and fawn upon him seeking to deal a big deal today.

    "The place is not too bad, but it's still a little too small. Do you have anything bigger in this place?" Old Master Liu said with an exceptional flourish, his face putting on a contemptuous look to show he had no lack of money, causing the two pretty ladies to gush coyly.

    He was originally a grain merchant in the Fan Country and when the Poison Men had just started to spread chaos and turmoil, he had taken the opportunity to raise the prices of his grains and made a big killing. But alas, the place he had been residing in had also finally been taken down by the Poison Men and in order for him to save his own life, he had dragged uprooted his entire family and they had all come to the Clear Breeze City. He had then spent quite a bit of silver before he had been able to get everyone within his family inside the Clear Breeze City.

    Having gotten used to living a life of kleptocracy through abuse of the people for so many years, Old Master Liu wasn't about to make himself suffer. Afterall, all the money in his hands were ill gotten gains and he did not feel the slightest heartache splurging it.

    When the pretty assistant heard Old Master Liu's words, their laughter grew more shrill as they turned and went to look for the painting album of bigger manors.

    When Jun Wu Xie stepped into the shop, not a single assistant went forward, all of them ignoring her. Even those who were standing around idle did not bother to ask her a single word.

    Jun Wu Xie had just come over here from the refugee camp and she was dressed in coarse and crude clothes. With the added fact that she had infiltrated and in order to blend herself in with the others refugees, she had smeared charcoal upon her clothes and her face covered in dirt. Looking one glance at her, she would not look in the least like she would have much money. Moreover, she was very young with a petite and thin body, and she did not have a single attendant accompanying her.

    She had most naturally been looked upon as the most unwelcomed kind of guest in that shop.

    But Jun Wu Xie herself had not noticed that at all. With such kind of treatment, compared to having someone chattering non stop beside her ear, she would very much rather she be left alone to choose what she needed.

    Afterall, upon the shelves in the shop, were already displayed albums filled with paintings of the manors up for sale and the shelves themselves already segregated the approximate sizes of the manors systematically, so it wasn't too hard for her to pick from them.

    Jun Wu Xie quickly disregarded the albums for those with only a single house and turned her attention directly onto the manors with larger pieces of land.

    She had just stretched her hand out to pick up an album when before she had even touched it, the album was snatched up and taken away by an assistant in the shop.
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