Chapter 1422: “Not Short of Money (3)”

    Chapter 1422: "Not Short of Money (3)"

    "Shoo shoo shoo, don't come here to stir trouble when you're not buying. Sheesh, they come in all kinds nowadays. This is not a place that beggars like you should be coming to. Hurry up and scram." The assistant was in a hurry to bring the album to continue to fawn upon that Old Master Liu and when her sweeping glance caught sight of the unimpressive looking little youth dressed in dirty clothes, her face immediately turned ugly.

    The little black cat lying upon Jun Wu Xie's shoulder had upon hearing the little assistant's words, almost pounced wanted to pounce onto her and bite through the puny little neck but fortunately Jun Wu Xie calmed its heckles right down.

    Jun Wu Xie did not pay the assistant's mocking tone any attention and merely chose from the other albums on the shelf.

    The assistant was too eager to go earn herself some money and had no interest in dealing any further with the penniless little kid. She carried a few albums in her hands and brought them to go right before Old Master Liu.

    Jun Wu Xie picked out a few more albums from those shelves and took all those that she needed and placed them all together upon an empty shelf. Some of the rich people within the shop started to sneer audibly in derision when they saw Jun Wu Xie's actions.

    "Another penniless wretch dreaming under this broad daylight? Trash like this should just obediently remain back within their pig sty. Look at the way he looks, would he have the money to even buy a tiny hut? I'm sure he wouldn't even be able to afford the smallest house they have available for sale here." Someone jeered venomously.

    "I've seen too many of his kind. On the way here to the Clear Breeze City, they type of people I've seen the most are these penniless bloodsuckers. They only know how to stretch out their hands to beg, they are all no different from beggars."

    "From what I think, trash like this should stop putting up a struggle and just remain out there. Just allow themselves to be eaten by those monsters and it'll save everybody a whole lot of trouble, instead of having them in here eating and drinking for free."

    In the eyes of the bunch of rich people who paid good money to come into the Clear Breeze City, they clearly bore hatred against the batches of frail elderly and weak children who had been able to come into the city just the same without needing to spend a single copper. The fact that these impoverished and useless refugees without any ability whatsoever had actually been able to gain entry into the Clear Breeze City without any payment riled them up to no end.

    However, the rule was set by the Clear Breeze City's City Lord and no matter how unsatisfied they were, they did not dare to really say anything against that, but would instead take it out upon the disadvantaged refugees suffering under the wretched conditions.

    They could not understand what the Lord of the Clear Breeze City was thinking. Letting trash like these in would only increase the burden upon the Clear Breeze City and what kind of use would they be good for?

    Towards the ridicule from the people there, Jun Wu Xie was seemingly unaffected. She continued to flip through a few more shelves and after consolidating one big pile of albums, she carried up those albums she had selected and walked towards the shopkeeper.

    The shopkeeper was busy tallying up how big a haul they would be able to make that day. All the houses and mansions were exorbitantly priced and having them entrusted to be put up for sale here, he was also able to charge a part of the price as commission.

    As he was tallying up how much more money would be coming in, the shopkeeper suddenly heard a loud rustling. The sun's rays in front of him was blocked out by a dark shadow when he raised his head up, seeing that his own table right before him had tens of albums in a big pile dropped with a thump upon it. From the exterior of the albums, he could see that they were albums of manors with very large land areas!

    With that one glance he took, his heart filled with absolute delight and his face quickly split into an ingratiating smile, all prepared to face the prosperous tycoon with such a generous hand. But when he saw that the person standing in front of his table was just a tiny pint sized youth dressed in filthy clothes, the smile upon his face instantly faded away and turned a dark shade instead.
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