Chapter 1424: “Not Short of Money (5)”

    Chapter 1424: "Not Short of Money (5)"

    The shopkeeper stared at the shop assistants fallen to ground and his back broke out in cold sweat. He had not thought that the seemingly frail and weak little youth would possess such amazing skills!

    But although he was still feeling the shock in his heart, the shopkeeper had not been fully intimidated.

    "Kid, let me tell you this! This is the Clear Breeze City here! I do not care how you managed to sneak into the city, but when you're here in the Clear Breeze City, you will have to adhere to the Clear Breeze City's rules! This is not a place you can run wild with your unruly behaviour! The magistrate's office is right next to us and I will just have to give a shout! You will then find your damned self being thrown out of here!" The shopkeeper said through gritted teeth as he glared at Jun Wu Xie, thinking he really had never met such an unruly refugee who dared to stir up such a ruckus in his shop!

    Old Master Liu was also shocked by the scene before his eyes but it was different from what the shopkeeper was feeling. He was instead finding Jun Wu Xie rather interesting. "I see that this Little Brother here has some great skills. Why don't you come with me instead? You can just become my personal attendant for now on and ensure my safety. You will then not have to worry about not having a place to live as I have just purchased a large manor and I will give you a room in there."

    Old Master Liu's words were intended to sound charitable as from what he could see, unruly and fierce youths such as this were all financially embarrassed and they had no choice but to fight. As long as he gave them some benefits, they would immediately become tame like a dog to stay by his feet.

    "No need." Jun Wu Xie said, shooting a cold glance over at Old Master Liu.

    Old Master Liu had not expected that Jun Wu Xie would reject him so cleanly and his face immediately showed slight displeasure.

    "I'll say this, you brat. You had better not reject the offered wine and end up being given wine in punishment. This is not a place that you can afford to do as you please. The shopkeeper will just have to holler once and you will then be in trouble."

    Jun Wu Xie stared at the disgustingly obese pig before her eyes with a cold glare and then turned to look at the shopkeeper standing there looking highly infuriated where she then pulled out two gold bars that were each the width of two fingers and threw them upon the bodies of the two men still howling upon the ground.

    "Enough?" The two dense thunks sounded accompanied by the two syllables that Jun Wu Xie spat out coldly crashed upon the bodies of the two assistants.

    Where would the two assistants have ever seen such a big gold bar and they immediately became flabbergasted with their eyes staring widely, the pain seemingly having disappeared without a trace in an instant.

    "Enough! It's enough!" The two assistants very quickly used their uninjured hand to clutch the gold bar tightly against their chest and nodded their heads vigorously.

    "You two had voluntarily asked to be beaten up here. Is that understood?" Jun Wu Xie said coldly, not even bothering to look at them.

    "We had volunteered ourselves! We had volunteered ourselves!" The two assistants immediately chorused together.

    And that scene, had everyone within the shop watching them stunned into silence.

    Who would have thought that such a decrepit looking young youth would throw out two solid gold bars so carelessly! ?

    The other shop assistants who had been secretly laughing at the unfortunate pair who had their blood spilled were at that moment suddenly wishing they could take their places to suffer a beating from Jun Wu Xie!

    That was just too damned generous!

    Those were solid gold bars for Heaven's sake!

    The shopkeeper was also stunned speechless, his eyes wide with amazement, his finger that was pointed at Jun Wu Xie completely frozen in midair, the expression of rage on his face twisted up by utter shock.

    'Thunk thunk thunk!'

    Without even another word, Jun Wu Xie nonchalantly pulled out gold bars one by one, tossing them one after another onto the table before the shopkeeper. The brilliant glitter of gold shone brilliantly from the gradually growing pile of gold bars, driving everyone watching deeper into speechless amazement. The wasn't a single other sound within the entire shop. The shopkeeper who had just moments before been shouting for Jun Wu Xie to be sent to the magistrate's office was now too scared to even break wind!


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