Chapter 1425: “Not Short of Money (6)”

    Chapter 1425: "Not Short of Money (6)"

    Having initially thought with the loads of money he had, Old Master Liu had thought to hire Jun Wu Xie to risk her life for him and at that moment, his eyes were almost popping out of his head. Even with his abundance of prosperity, he wasn't able to be as freely generous as Jun Wu Xie was doing. Seeing that terrifying amount of gold bars being tossed onto the table so nonchalantly as it piled up on the table, it suddenly made Old Master Liu feel like slapping himself on his mouth as his face bloated up to turn to the colour of pig's liver.

    However, Jun Wu Xie showed no signs of stopping, as all the pairs of eyes saw the pile of gold upon the table growing more and more, to the extent that they were falling off from the table. The heavy clatter drummed upon the hearts of everyone in the shop, completely blowing their minds.

    The shopkeeper finally snapped back to his senses and he hurriedly raised up his hand to stop Jun Wu Xie!

    "Our Little Lord! My eyes have been blind for not being able to see Mount Tai. I hope that our Lord would not hold it against such trash like me. What..... Whatever you want to buy, you just need to say the word and little me will immediately get it all ready for you!"

    The shopkeeper at that moment felt like he wanted to cry. How was he supposed to know that the decrepit looking youth before his eyes would turn out to be the true nouveau riche! And he was so brutally rich at that! Watching Jun Wu Xie throw out gold bars like she was throwing out fried dough sticks had caused the shopkeeper's heart to tremble and shake and if she was allowed to continue on, he would soon be buried under by gold bars.

    Having mistaken such a insanely rich tycoon as a beggar, the regret the shopkeeper felt in his heart made him feel like gouging his own useless eyes out.

    Deeply afraid that he had angered and driven away the big spender Jun Wu Xie, the shopkeeper quickly signaled with his eyes to the assistants in the shop who were still standing at the side too stunned for words.

    The several stunned assistants immediately surged forward, crowding around Jun Wu Xie with adulating faces as they said.

    "Does our Lord intend to buy a manor? What kind of a manor would you like?"

    Oh Lord, how tiring it must be for you to be standing. You should sit down and make yourself comfortable." "My Lord! Please have some tea!"

    All the assistants acted like they could almost worship Jun Wu Xie like they did for their ancestors, eagerly bringing tea and fetching water, as if afraid that others would do it before them.

    Those people were rushing forward so eagerly that they were squeezing the flabbergasted Old Master Liu and the two little pretty ladies out.

    Old Master Liu who had just moments before been fawned all over by everyone was at that moment completely speechless, unable to give voice to the bitterness he felt. The two delicate little beauties were pushed to move their feet by all the others and they whined coquettishly to say: "Old Master, look at all of them."

    "What's there to look at! ? Do you think I have not been humiliated enough? I'm getting out of here and will not remain here to disgrace myself." Old Master Liu blubbered, his face red as beet. When he thought back to what he had said to Jun Wu Xie earlier, he began to feel a stinging burn come upon his face. He swept his glance over in reckoning and realized that the amount of gold bars that Jun Wu Xie had tossed out earlier was already more than his entire fortune. How could he still have the cheek to continue to remain there?

    In an instant, he no longer wanted to buy the manor anymore and Old Master Liu slipped away silently without a word.

    And the shopkeeper wasn't really in the right frame of mind to urge him to stay. His back was soaked in cold sweat as he forced a smile on his face to apologise continuously to Jun Wu Xie.

    Jun Wu Xie sat upon a chair and looked at the shopkeeper who had a forced smile upon his face, her eyes chilly.

    "My Lord, I have seen all the albums that you have picked out, and I must say that you have a killer eye for these things! They are all located in the best areas within this city of ours!" The shopkeeper gushed, hurriedly sticking out a big thumb.

    The shopkeeper's words, weren't really all just feigned flattery. Jun Wu Xie had indeed picked out rather good locations and they were all gathered together in the same district. That was originally an inconspicuous area in the Clear Breeze City but as refugees came pouring in continuously, the courtyards and manors there had been reconstructed but the selling prices for them were extremely high and they were not something normal people were able to afford.
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