Chapter 1426: “Not Short of Money (7)”

    Chapter 1426: "Not Short of Money (7)"

    "I wonder what kind of requisites would our Lord here have for the manor? So as to allow me a little reference to recommend you something." The shopkeeper smiled fawningly as he said, his attitude and demeanour completely different from before.

    "These here. I'll take them all." Jun Wu Xie said, the expression on his face still chilly, completely not affected by the change that had come over the shopkeeper.

    The shopkeeper was immediately frozen in place as he stared at Jun Wu Xie before his head swiveled stare at the pile of albums upon the table.

    There were a total of tens of albums in that pile and he had initially thought that Jun Wu Xie was intending to pick one out from among them. Even if he was beaten to death, he would never have thought that Jun Wu Xie was actually intending to..... purchase them all? !

    "My Lord, you..... wouldn't be joking with me would you? There's so many manors here and you want to buy them all? !" The shopkeeper's voice had suddenly changed in pitch.

    "Yes." Jun Wu Xie said coldly.

    The shopkeeper's face immediately changed in colour. He had thought that it was a immensely rich tycoon before his eyes, but it was at that moment that he realized that it was the God of Fortune himself! ! His face paled as it dawned on him that he had just very nearly run this God of Fortune out of the place!

    He suddenly found himself bathed in cold sweat.

    "Please wait a moment here my Great Lord! While I go tally up the total price." This was the first time that the shopkeeper was seeing a person purchase luxurious manors in such a indifferent manner like he was merely buying pieces of beancurd. But no matter how shocked he was, he didn't dare say a word but instead rushed to pull out his abacus to calculate the total.

    When the assistants on the sides heard Jun Wu Xie say those words, the astonishment drove them to tears. They were already bowing their heads and bending their backs over and from that instant, they became even more obsequious and deferent. With the whole pile of gold bars that Jun Wu Xie had nonchalantly tossed upon the table glittering so brilliantly, they believed that the Lord wasn't just paying lip service and really meant every word she said!

    In just a few short moments, the shopkeeper had already tallied up the total price for the several tens of manors. The price was so astronomical that just the commission from this sale alone would be able to overshadow what he had earned in total for the past half a year!

    By then, the shopkeeper was worshipping Jun Wu Xie like he would his ancestors and did not dare tarry a moment before her.

    "The total is seven hundred and eighty thousand taels of gold. As our Great Lord is buying so many at a time, we'll round it down just for you and make it just seven hundred thousand taels of gold." The shopkeeper said with a blooming smile upon his face, the hands upon the abacus beginning to tremble.

    Jun Wu Xie turned her eyes to look at the shopkeeper who had an absolutely greasy and sycophantic smile upon his face and said: "I'll give you three times that."

    "Wh..... What....." The shopkeeper could not find any words to reply. [That's not the way to play the game even if you have too much money you know! ? Just by opening his mouth, he had actually increased the price by three times!]

    "I do not want just the deed to the manors, I want the deed for the land as well. For the next fifty years, the lands that these manors sit on will belong to me. Yes or no?" Jun Wu Xie asked in a cold voice.

    The shopkeeper swallowed a big gulp, thinking that this Lord's mind was not working too well. Usually when a deed for the house was sold, it would basically mean that the supposed land deed was already included together with it but was just not explicitly stated in writing only. Afterall, the house already belonged to the purchaser and as long as the house was still there, the purchaser would be able to stay there as long as he wanted. Nobody had ever picked on such a thing as the deed to the land and made it a separate issue.

    Jun Wu Xie was the first and only person to ask for the deed to the land underneath!


    One who refuses money they can earn are idiots! Suddenly being given another two times of the price to him, the shopkeeper must be nuts to reject it.

    "Of course! No problem! I'll give you the deeds to the manor and the land together!" The shopkeeper said in hurry, afraid that Jun Wu Xie would change her mind. He turned his head and immediately got the assistants to bring out the chest containing the deeds to the houses and land, quickly digging out the deeds to the manors and the land that Jun Wu Xie was buying. He then laid them all out neatly to allow Jun Wu Xie to verify them.
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