Chapter 1427: “Wilful (1)”

    Chapter 1427: "Wilful (1)"

    After Jun Wu Xie checked through the things one by one, she asked the shopkeeper another few questions. The shopkeeper had thought that Jun Wu Xie wanted to ask about the manors themselves and had not expected that Jun Wu Xie would actually ask him where she would be able to find people to build houses and lofts.

    That question had made the shopkeeper's heart jump. This Lord that had just spent such an unbelievably astronomical sum of money to purchase the manors had not even gone to the site and he was already thinking of tearing them down to reconstruct?

    "My Lord, the entire stretch of manors you just selected were all just newly constructed this very year and completely spanking new, never occupied by anyone. Is there really a need to spend more money to have them reconstructed again? Why don't..... you just reside in it for awhile and see first, and if it's not suitable, it still wouldn't be that late to do it then." Even the shopkeeper was feeling the pinch for Jun Wu Xie who had just splurged more than two million taels of gold and the Lord was thinking to throw his money out again?

    Having money didn't mean that one could be so wilful as to tear down manors just for fun could he?

    Jun Wu Xie could not be bothered with the shopkeeper's nonsense and slapped two more gold bars upon the table .

    "If it can be done, take them. If not, I'll get someone else."

    "Caaan! Can! Can! I'll bring you over there right this instant!" The shopkeeper gave up, caving in to Jun Wu Xie's demands. Never had he ever seen a tycoon behaving so ostentatiously, throwing good money so carelessly.

    The shopkeeper was a man of a little standing in the Clear Breeze City and it was not difficult for him to find a bunch of people who could reconstruct houses.

    But Jun Wu Xie's demands was highly extreme.

    She demanded for both speed and quality to be ensured. In seven days, the stretch of manors had to be flattened and multi storied lofts were to be built, with every single one reaching seven storeys.

    Such a massive undertaking immediately threw the shopkeeper and the people for the construction into a state of shock. Those demands were just terrifying and they had never heard anyone making such a maniacal request before.

    But when Jun Wu Xie once again made another example of her unbelievable riches by throwing out gold bars like tiles that began to fill the floor, the bunch of men were utterly convinced and they accepted the job right at that instant according to Jun Wu Xie's demands.

    Having accepted the deposit, the men went around in a hurry to gather men, preparing themselves to embark on a big one. The shopkeeper after gaining some benefits from Jun Wu Xie then made himself scarce, laughing happily.

    After having busied herself an entire round, Jun Wu Xie finally had time to return back to the inn. By the time she got back, the skies were already dark, and the little black cat plopped upon her shoulder had become numbed by the way its Mistress had been scattering gold bars everywhere the entire day.

    In reality, Jun Wu Xie's expenditure today when calculated against the riches they had gained from the Dark Emperor's tomb, was merely a hair off the bull's back. Even if she spent at this rate everyday from now onwards, the money they had would be able to sustain her splurging for a few lifetimes and more.....

    The amount of gold bars that Jun Wu Xie had in her Cosmos Sack was merely just a speck of the spittle that the Hell Rodent would be able to spit out through the gap between its teeth.

    "Young Miss!" Jun Wu Xie had just come upstairs when she saw Ye Sha and Ye Mei standing before Jun Wu Yao's door, the complexion on their faces not looking too good.

    Having just been shown a highly darkened face by Jun Wu Yao, the two of them had been tiptoeing around their Lord with tails between their legs.

    When Jun Wu Xie saw Ye Sha and Ye Mei, she then recalled about having completely forgotten about them earlier. She nodded slightly at them and then seemingly looked like she just remembered something before she pulled out the stack of deeds to the houses and land to toss them to Ye Sha and Ye Mei.

    The two of them were at a complete loss with the entire stack of papers before their faces. They picked them up and then saw what was written upon them.


    They became highly curious about why their Young Miss had suddenly become so interested in buying up these manors? And she had even bought so many at one go as well. Would they be able to fill up all that space?

    A pity Ye Sha and Ye Mei had never witnessed the kind of speculation in real estate during the twenty fourth century, or they would only think that Jun Wu Xie had discovered another way to enrich themselves beyond belief.
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