Chapter 1428: “Wilful (2)”

    Chapter 1428: "Wilful (2)"

    Jun Wu Xie had just returned to her room and sat down when Jun Wu Yao came walking in, not even bothering to knock and just entered the room.

    "Did you manage to find out anything?" Jun Wu Yao asked as he sat down at the table, turning to look at Jun Wu Xie who had just unbuttoned her robe and was about to change.

    Jun Wu Xie immediately froze. That person was just sitting there leisurely and looking completely at ease, his attitude so nonchalant like he had every right to be sitting there.


    She wanted to change!

    Feeling all stinky, Jun Wu Xie only wanted to immerse herself in a good hot bath and change herself into a clean set of clothes..... But that somebody just had to deny her of that!

    Self! Awareness! ? Jun Wu Xie's gaze clearly showed Jun Wu Yao of the impropriety and her eyes were asking him to get out but Jun Wu Yao who had been abandoned and left in the inn for the entire day was oblivious to all of this, even pouring out a cup of water for himself as he sat there with his long legs gracefully crossed, seemingly intending to admire the "beautiful sight" before his eyes.

    Jun Wu Xie's face was cold and chilly as she buttoned back her robe and sat herself down directly across Jun Wu Yao, before snatching the teacup that Jun Wu Yao had just filled up from him, to pour it down her throat with a swing of her head back.

    Jun Wu Yao looked at her in amusement but did not say anything.

    Jun Wu Xie had moistened her throat and she then told Jun Wu Yao about all that she found out today.

    "White Bamboo..... That is a herb that can be found only in the Middle Realm. There isn't any of that in the Lower Realm here, but it's very commonly seen in the Middle Realm." Jun Wu Yao commented as he rested his chin in the palm of one hand, watching Jun Wu Xie's tiny face with her serious expression.

    "I do not think that Luo Xi is from the Twelve Palaces. Based on his circumstances, he should just be a pawn of the Twelve Palaces like the others and is just being used by them. The real mastermind behind all of this must still be hiding behind in the shadows. I had taken a look around to look on my way back but did not make any special discovery. If those people are not within the Clear Breeze City, they must have hidden themselves very deeply and would not be easily discovered." Jun Wu Xie had pondered deeply upon it on her way back and she was sure that the Poison Men must be linked in some way to the Clear Breeze City.

    "Oh? Then how does Little Xie intend to drive those rats from the hole they are hiding in?" Jun Wu Yao asked with eyes narrowed together.

    Jun Wu Xie did not intend to hide anything.

    "They need those refugees coming into the city. Although I am still unable to ascertain what their reason is, but what the enemy needs most will be what I will destroy. Once I disrupt their plans, the rats will panic and be forced out from hiding."

    Buying those manors were just the beginning. She will slowly crush the plans of those culprits hiding within the shadows behind the Clear Breeze City and force the mastermind to come out!

    Once the enemy shows himself, that would then be the best time for her to strike.

    When Jun Wu Xie had dealt with the Twelve Palaces in the past, she had mostly carried it out covertly with the enemies clearly seen while she lurked in the shadows, but this time, she intended to change the way she played the game.

    She wanted to crushed the crisis right upon the faces of the people from the Twelve Palaces and they would surely not be able to hold themselves back but come jumping right out!

    "Then, I'll just have wait and see?" Jun Wu Yao asked with a light laugh.

    "Yes, just wait and see." Jun Wu Xie said as her eyebrow arched, her chilling eyes flashing with a glint of confidence and resolve.

    With so many large manors in the Clear Breeze City having been sold at one go and they were all clustered within the same area, it would very soon attract the attention of the residents there. What puzzled those people more was that before anyone had moved into those completely brand new manors, a whole bunch of towering burly men had come in to smash them into the mud, to immediately begin constructing new multi storeyed lofts.

    In an instant, everyone within the Clear Breeze City became highly curious about the lunatic who had been so wilful to tear down completely brand new manors to rebuild!

    The large group of burly men were all squeezed within that one area, working tirelessly through both day and night, to speedily rebuild the houses they had just torn down at a speed that was almost visible to the eye!
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