Chapter 1429: “Wilful (3)”

    Chapter 1429: "Wilful (3)"

    Seven days later, a large area in the northern side of the Clear Breeze City was suddenly presented with the sudden appearance of high multi storeyed buildings. Tens of the massive sized highly quiet and tranquil manors had now become many seven storeyed loft buildings. The facade of all the buildings were the same and they all stood in neat rows looking very eye catching as many of the nearby residents there gathered around them to gawk in curiosity.

    Initially, they all felt that the little lofts looked a little strange but after awhile, they seemed to somehow feel..... rather nice.

    The houses in this world were mostly stood independently, detached from other houses and there were seldom houses with two levels. Usually, only inns and in some specific places would construct buildings higher than two levels and it was highly rare that it would be like this in residential areas.

    Towards this new and bizarre idea, many of the residents in the Clear Breeze City gathered to take a look at it.

    Even the group of men who had built these lofts had no idea what the owner of the buildings intended to do with them.

    If they only knew what kind of living environment people in the twenty fourth century lived in, they would not be so surprised by all this. Jun Wu Xie did not know that much about building and construction and she did not have the time to go research into it. She had merely copied the idea from the buildings that was most commonly seen in the twenty fourth century and duplicated it here.

    The biggest advantage of such construction was..... the land area it took was small, while its holding capacity for people was large!

    Tens of the loft buildings were inspected and received by Jun Wu Xie and she generously showered the burly men who were already completely exhausted with loads of gold bars. She then went to seek out several of the biggest carpentry shops within the Clear Breeze City and moved all the furniture that consisted of tables, chairs, stools and wardrobes she had ordered earlier into the little loft units.

    The residents who were gathered around to see "modern architecture" saw before their eyes the horse carriages delivering large batches of furniture into the little loft units, the design of the pieces exactly the same, looking like they had been mass produced. But judging from the quality of the wood used, they could see that they were not crudely made pieces, but just that they looked rather unique.

    "How?" After Jun Wu Xie had everything within the little loft units all prepared, she had invited Jun Wu Yao to come forward to have a look around.

    Jun Wu Yao looked around at the clean and neat rooms, the layout and furnishing within every one of those rooms exactly the same. But he found that the beds looked different from what he usually saw where they were split into an upper and lower level. Every bed could accommodate one or two people to rest and every room had two of such beds. They looked a little strange to him but overall, it was not that bad.

    For someone who had been afflicted with autism and being able to import all these ideas for furniture from the modern world to be used in this alternative world, Jun Wu Xie's ability at copying wholesale was able to be put to very practical use!

    "All these things, you've prepared them for the refugees?" Jun Wu Yao asked while looking at Jun Wu Xie as his eyebrow lifted.

    Jun Wu Xie nodded with a smile.

    "I would want to see, with this place here, who else would want to still go to that hovel." Jun Wu Xie said with her eyebrows raised. She had thrown a good sum of money into this, all just to take the next step in her plans.

    Outside the door, Ye Sha and Ye Mei led Ye Jie to wander around among the many small rooms. The three of them were highly fascinated and they actually lied down upon the brand news beds that had just been laid out, to try out these quirky and novel beds.

    Till, Jun Wu Yao was about to leave and go back, did they quickly shot to their feet, but their eyes were somehow filled with a kind of reluctance to leave the bunk beds.

    Jun Wu Xie watched the trio together and without knowing why, she suddenly thought of the lyrics to a song from her past life.

    [Brother who sleeps in the bunk above me.....]

    Jun Wu Xie felt that she was becoming stranger and stranger.
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