1432 Colluding Evil 1

    "Go! Go ask who is in charge here and tell them that Luo Xi from Fortune Spring Hall is here to pay an official visit." Luo Xi said with a frown. From what he could gather based on his own insight, the lofts were not too bad. Such a nice place given out free to benefit a bunch of refugees was really rather strange. Normal people would never waste so much money on those refugees and Luo Xi was guessing that this place was most probably due to some arrangements made by the revered one. Since they were both serving the same master, for him to come up here to offer greetings would not be out of place.

    Luo Xi had not managed to notice in the least that from a second storey window among the blocks of lofts, someone was watching him with a cold gaze from the moment he had appeared.

    "Young Miss! Luo Xi says he wants to see you." Ye Mei said.

    "That was fast....." Jun Wu Xie said as she stared at Luo Xi standing down below, and her eyes suddenly flashed with a chilling glint.

    "Tell him, I'm not free." Upon saying that, she retracted her gaze and sat herself down beside the table.

    Ye Mei immediately got someone to convey Jun Wu Xie's words to Luo Xi.

    When Luo Xi failed to meet the person here in the city's north, he felt a little puzzled but did not really mind it very much. The entire Clear Breeze City, had long fallen under their control and nobody would be able to create too big a stir in here.

    But having been snubbed like this, the expression on Luo Xi's face wasn't exactly looking too good either. After he left, he did not return to the Fortune Spring Hall straightaway but instead walked towards the direction of the City Lord's Manor.

    "Young Master, are you going to the City Lord's Manor?" An attendant asked cautiously at his side.

    "Since that person does not want to meet, wouldn't asking the City Lord about it tell me who that person is?" Luo Xi said.

    The attendant then nodded his head, seeming like he understood.

    Inside the City Lord's Manor, Luo Xi sat within the main hall, sipping at the tea the servants had served him.

    After a short while, a middle aged man with a big and rotund belly came in huffing and puffing as he walked, dressed in highly lavish clothes with a smile upon his face, the flesh on his cheeks puffed up, looking highly jovial.

    "My brother Luo, how did you manage to find time to come here today?" This fatty was the Lord of the Clear Breeze City and the benevolent and righteous man that many refugees talked about. But looking at that body of his, it was really very hard to link him up as a caring official who loved the country and its people indiscriminately.

    Luo Xi swept his gaze to glance at the City Lord and he discreetly clicked his tongue. His eyes glinted with a tiny trace of disgust but it was quickly covered. He dusted off his sleeves and immediately went straight to the topic to say: "A large part of the manors in the city's north had been purchased by someone. Do you know anything about that?"

    The City Lord was rather taken aback. He had not thought that Luo Xi had come here regarding this matter. "I am aware of that. His intention for the land in the northern part of the city had always been to be sold to those morons with a lot of money and he had managed to sell off quite a bit of them at one go which gained him a rather hefty profit."

    In fact, the shop beside the magistrate's office that sold houses and manors was opened by a person privately under the City Lord's orders. Although it wasn't in the City Lord's name on the surface, but a large part of the money would finally end up in his pocket. Some time ago when the shopkeeper had come to submit the accounts to the City Lord, the City Lord had been highly delighted when he found out that someone had bought so many place in one go. It must be known that the prices of houses in the Clear Breeze City had risen to a level that was comparable to the Fan Country's Imperial Capital and it was no small sum!

    "Do you know who the person who bought them was?" Luo Xi asked as he looked at the City Lord. He was well aware of the things about the shop.

    "I was told it was a unfamiliar youth. It was guessed that he used the money route to come into the city. Why are you suddenly so concerned about this matter? Could the revered one have given any instructions?" The City Lord asked, the expression on his face quickly changing, his tone becoming tinged with anxiety.

    Luo Xi said: "The revered one only wants us to continue with what we're doing and nothing much has changed in that aspect. The reason I came here to find you today is because of those manors in the city's north. Do you know that those houses in the northern part of the city has all been used by that youth to house the refugees? !"
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