Chapter 1431: “This is the First Step (2)”

    Chapter 1431: "This is the First Step (2)"

    "Young Miss, five hundred and thirty seven arrived today and arrangements have been made for all of them." Ye Sha stood outside the door, reporting the tally for the day.

    "Five hundred already?" Jun Wu Xie asked with her eyes slightly lowered.

    "How many are there left in the refugee camp?"

    "About a thousand." Ye Sha had already looked into the original number of people there were in the refugee camp and as the Clear Breeze City allowed about three hundred refugees into the city daily which included the rich merchants who bribed their way in which took up a small part of that quota, he was able to conclude that the number of impoverished refugees coming in daily would be less than three hundred.

    "Continue." Jun Wu Xie nodded.

    "Reporting to the Young Miss. Your subordinate had secretly tailed the group of refugees that had been taken out from the refugee camp and discovered that they had all been sent directly into the City Lord's Manor." Ye Sha then said. After the refugees have been in the city for seven days, would they then be arranged to go somewhere else. But where they went exactly, no one knew. Ye Sha had followed them till they reached the City Lord's Manor but he had not gone inside fearing that he would be discovered. He had then waited outside the door for the rest of the day but did not see a single one of those refugees coming out, where they had all seemingly remained inside the City Lord's Manor.

    Ye Sha told everything that he had found out to Jun Wu XIe and Jun Wu Xie lifted an eyebrow slightly hearing the report.

    It seemed that there was indeed something fishy about the Lord of the city!

    "Continue to pay attention to the City Lord's Manor and the Fortune Spring Hall from now on and if you discover anything strange, report it to me in the first instance." Jun Wu Xie said.

    "Yes!" Ye Sha acknowledged his orders and retreated.

    Jun Wu Xie's gaze shifted to look out the window, as her eyes seemingly flashed with a unidentifiable glint.

    Luo Xi was acting just like usual, leading several of his lackeys behind him to "spread benevolence" in the refugee camp. But he had just stepped into the refugee for a short while when he noticed that something did not seem right. The refugee camp was largely empty and the once narrow and squeezy street had only a measly few scattered people moving on it. In their hands, they carried their sparse luggage that comprised all their belongings and the usual haggard and gaunt look on their faces had disappeared, replaced by smiles upon them.

    "What happened here?" Luo Xi asked, his brows instantly furrowing up. He had only not come here for the past two days and why had the entire place changed so completely? The refugees that should have been surging towards him had more than half the amount missing and the entire refugee camp felt so much emptier. Luo Xi was puzzled and he got his lackeys to go ask those refugees who were about to leave the camp and his lackeys soon came running back.

    "Young Master, those people are going to the city's north." The attendant told him.

    "City north?" Luo Xi's brows creased together in puzzlement. "Go to the city's north for what?"

    "I heard that some time ago, someone spent a fortune snapping up a large part of the city north's manors and flattened the entire place, to build up a lot of little lofts. They then used them to provide the refugees with free lodging and food and that is exactly where these refugees are shifting to." The attendant began saying warily.

    Luo Xi's eyes then glared in fury and he grabbed at the attendant's collar to ask: "What did you say? Someone is actually giving these stinky bugs brand new accommodations?"

    The attendant gulped and replied in a stutter: "Yes..... That's right....."

    "What the hell are they up to! ?" Luo Xi's brows gathered together alarmingly. "Do you know who is behind everything up at city north?"

    "Your servant does not know....." The attendant said, shaking his head.

    "Could it be that the revered one has other arrangements made?" Luo Xi muttered to himself, unable to be certain of what's happening. "We'll first go up to the city's north to take a look."


    It did not take them long before Luo Xi and his lackeys arrived at the northern part of the city. When Luo Xi saw the rows of little loft buildings laid out in neat rows, he could not help himself but stare at them slightly taken aback. Before every building, there were several men in uniform, receiving the refugees who had just arrived in a rush.
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