Chapter 1433: “Colluding Evil (2)”

    Chapter 1433: "Colluding Evil (2)"

    "Wha..... What did you say? What do you mean when you said house those refugees?" The City Lord asked in shock as he looked at Luo Xi.

    The moment Luo Xi saw the City Lord's reaction, he knew that the City Lord did not know anything about the matter. Luo Xi's brows creased up and he began to feel that things were getting a little strange. If those houses had been done by someone under the revered one's instructions, it would be reasonable to assume that he and the City Lord would at least be told a word about it, as the two of them had been controlling everything in the Clear Breeze City all this while afterall and the situation had been stable without any major hiccups. Having a youth pop up out of the blue like this would seem rather odd.

    "That person had after buying the manors, flattened them completely to build up many little lofts, allowing the refugees to be transferred over there. I heard that they had not only provided free lodgings but do not charge for food and drinks as well." Luo Xi told the City Lord while looking at him.

    The City Lord's face immediately turned an ugly shade. "Who is that person behind all of that? The refugees I allowed into the city are mostly just the elderly and women with young children and most people would not have any interest towards them. A bunch of trash like them would be no different from beggars if they were thrown out on the streets, so who would actually do all these for them?"

    The City Lord paused a moment before he said: "Could it be someone the revered one brought in? Could the revered one have made some other plans?"

    Luo Xi then shook his head and said: "I am not sure either. I actually went there today with the intention to try to sound that person out but was unable to meet him. The manors in the Clear Breeze City are all sold by people you have privately arranged and your men should at least know what kind of person the buyer is wouldn't they?"

    With that reminder from Luo Xi, the City Lord quickly realized it and immediately sent men out to fetch the shopkeeper here. When the shopkeeper saw the City Lord, he immediately knelt and prostrated himself grandly, his face filling up with a fawning smile.

    "What instructions does the City Lord have by asking your servant to come here today?" The shopkeeper asked, slightly jittery.

    "Some time ago, the youth who came to the shop and bought a large number of manors, do you know anything about his identity?" The City Lord asked with a darkened expression on his face. When the shopkeeper had initially reported the matter to him, he had just treated it as an idiot who fell down from the Heavens that dropped a whole load of gold onto his lap and not asked about the youth's identity, merely brushing it off as some immensely rich refugee who had escaped from some place.

    But after hearing what Luo Xi said today, the City Lord finally realized that the buyer could not have been someone that was that simple. Otherwise, how could one explain why a youth would spend such an astronomical amount of gold to buy so many manors and not stay in them himself but was instead providing them to the completely useless refugees free of charge?

    The shopkeeper had not expected that the City Lord would suddenly ask about the incident with Jun Wu Xie and had originally intended to just touch lightly on the subject. But seeing the dark shade on the City Lord's face, he had no choice but to recount in a slightly trembling voice everything that had happened from the moment that Jun Wu Xie had appeared till she bought the manors and how she had gone on to find builders to construct the lofts, revealing everything he knew without leaving any details out.

    "The customer had initially said that he wanted to find people to rebuild the manors and your servant had also thought that that had sounded rather strange. Out of curiosity, your servant had also asked the customer a few times about it but the customer had an extremely cold personality and did not give any form of reply at all. What happened after that is not known to me."

    "From what you are saying, that person had intended to do this right from the start?" The City Lord asked, his brows furrowing up as he fell deep in thought before dismissing the shopkeeper.

    "Spending such a large sum of money to buy manors and then taking the effort to rebuild them completely for the refugees as accommodation. This person's motive are definitely anything but innocent." The City Lord remarked thoughtfully.

    The corners of Luo Xi's mouth curled up with a trace of a sneer. "I do not know what his motives are, but there is one thing that I can be certain of right now."
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