Chapter 1434: “Colluding Evil (3)”

    Chapter 1434: "Colluding Evil (3)"

    "What is it?" The City Lord asked quickly.

    Luo Xi said with a cold snort: "That person doesn't work for the revered one."

    "How can you be certain?" The City Lord asked a little confused.

    Luo Xi swept a glance over the City Lord and his eyes flashed briefly with disdain, but was able to cover it well. "Simple. Just how powerful is the revered one? And the Clear Breeze City is now already under the control of you and me. If the revered one had wanted something done, why would he go through so much trouble to have someone spend such a great amount of money to buy the manors? If the revered one wanted them he could very well have just told you to handle it instead of spending all that gold."

    It finally dawned upon the Lord of the City as he realized that the sum of money Jun Wu Xie had spent on those manors had indeed not been a small sum!

    "Moreover, there is one more point. You and I know very well the reason why the revered one asked us to let those refugees into the city. With these kind of conditions provided to the refugees now, wouldn't that go against the very intentions of the revered one? Don't tell me that the revered one really wants to rear the refugees till they become strong and healthy before sending them to their deaths with the poison somewhere else?" Luo Xi's mind had cleared up in just a moment. He had not known how much the amount that Jun Wu Xie had spent to buy those manors before was and when he heard the shopkeeper mention the figure earlier, he had been greatly shocked. That had almost made him certain that the person up in the city north was not someone sent here by the revered one.

    "Damn it. If that person is not sent here by the revered one, what is that fella really up to?" The City Lord said, highly exasperated.

    Luo Xi shook his head. He was not able to ascertain that point as the other party was only providing accomodation for the refugees now and had not reveal anything else besides that.

    "Why not..... let that person carry on with it for now. Afterall, the daily expenditure needed for the refugees is no paltry sum. Since he is willing to help us rear those refugees, isn't it good that we will be able to save some expenses?" The City Lord's cunning ploy was all upon his face, his eyes unable to hide the undisguised greed.

    Luo Xi snorted in disgust and his expression instantly became stern. "That's just wishful thinking. What those refugees usually eat everyday are just some bread. What much would that cost you? The revered one asked you to allow three hundred elderly and weak females with young children into the city everyday but you have been secretly asking your men to accept bribes to allow those rich merchants to enter the city for no reason which takes up quite a bit of the quota. Do you really think that the revered one is unaware of all that?"

    The City Lord's heart thumped. Allowing the rich merchants in was a private decision he made in secret behind the back of the revered one, and when the City Lord thought about the kind of power the revered one had, his back immediately became drenched in cold sweat.

    "Young Master Luo..... Look..... Look at what you're saying....." The City Lord said with a forced laugh.

    "Hah! Let me tell you. The revered one knows very clearly the kind of inclinations you have in your mind but he is just choosing to close an eye towards them and allow you to make some monetary gains. But if you dare to mess up the revered one's plans, the consequences are not what you will be able to bear! The revered one wants those frail and sickly old fellas to remain in the refugee camp and just kept alive. If they are well fed with food and drink, do you think that they will still be easy to control after that? You'd better keep that thought to yourself. It's just slightly more than a thousand refugees and you even want to stinge on that small bit of money. Have you really tired of living! ?" Luo Xi could not stand seeing the insatiable lust for money of the City Lord and if he had not been carrying the title as the Lord of the Clear Breeze City, Luo Xi wouldn't have chosen to mix with a person like him.

    Having been admonished by Luo Xi, the City Lord's face instantly turned pale.

    "Regarding this matter, I'm leaving it to you to deal with it. If you do not handle it well, you can explain it to the revered one yourself! Don't forget, it was your henchmen that sold those manors to that youth!" Luo Xi immediately stood up and left upon saying that, not wishing to remain in the City Lord's manor another moment.
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