Chapter 1435: “Courting Death (1)”

    Chapter 1435: "Courting Death (1)"

    The colour on the City Lord's face had turned highly ugly but he still put on a forced smile as he saw Luo Xi out the door. Luo Xi's lead foot had just stepped out and the City Lord could no longer hold himself back as he shouted.

    "What dog's fart plaything does he think he does he is? Just because he is slightly closer to the revered one and he thinks he calls the shots here! Shouldn't he take a look and see what he is himself! ? If not for the revered one behind you, this Lord here knows of many ways to squash the life out of you!"

    "There is no need for the City Lord to be so angry. Luo Xi is merely just a dog at the revered one's foot and the City Lord is merely giving face to the revered one that's all." A servant at the side quickly rushed forward to say appeasingly.

    "Hmph! I can't be bothered to get angry with a hypocrite like him." The City Lord said through gritted teeth. "I don't have to bother with that bastard Luo Xi but what the revered one had instructed us to do must not be delayed. That place up in the city's north must not be left alone like this or it will be difficult to explain it to the revered one."

    The City Lord's eyes turned and he waved to the servant at his side. "You mentioned that the cluster of houses up in the city's north had been built into lofts that are seven stories high?"

    "That they did! Your servant had even secretly gone to take a peek and they were rather interesting. The things they placed inside are also not too bad with a rather reasonable layout, just that it's a little different from houses we're used to seeing. I had even heard many people in the city asking where those lofts were at, it seems that they had attracted quite a bit of the people's attention."

    The City Lord rubbed at his chin and his mind started to whirl. The construction cost of those lofts were not cheap and it would hurt his pockets quite a bit if he got people to build them. But if could manage to snare the white wolf with bare hands by forcibly taking over the lofts, the would be an entirely different thing.

    "Since the youth up in the city's north has disrupted the revered one's plans, then as the Lord of the Clear Breeze City, I cannot sit back and do nothing about it as solving what worries the revered one is what I should do." The City Lord said as a evil smile came onto his face. He then gestured to the servant by hooking his finger up at him.

    "Bring some men to teach that wild child up in the city's north a good lesson. Let him know that if he wants to remain in the Clear Breeze City, he had better learn to be good." The City Lord said in a sinister tone.


    "One more thing. Be careful when you carry the task out. Do not damage those lofts. That place isn't for those refugees to stay in." The City Lord said with a laugh.

    "My Lord, you can rest assured. Your servant will carry out the task you have given me properly!" Immediately upon saying that, the servant left the City Lord's manor.

    The City Lord stood in the hall in glee for a while before he patted himself on his flabby tummy and went back to his room while whistling a tune.

    Inside a loft unit at the city's north, Jun Wu Xie was having some tea with Jun Wu Yao as they sat at the table when Ye Sha appeared silently to kneel before the two of them.

    "Reporting to Young Miss. After Luo Xi left here today, he went to the City Lord's manor and stayed in there for a while before leaving." Ye Sha reported, having following Jun Wu Xie's instructions to pay attention to the movements of Luo Xi and the City Lord. After he discovered that the two had come in contact, he had immediately returned to report it to Jun Wu Xie.

    "Oh?" Jun Wu Xie exclaimed with an arch of her eyebrow.

    "Young Miss, do you need me to round them up for you?" Ye Sha asked.

    Jun Wu Xie shook her head and said: "No need. They will deliver themselves right into my hands."

    Ye Sha was still a little confused but just moments after Jun Wu Xie's voice fell, Ye Mei came walking in through the door.

    "Young Miss, a group of men have appeared downstairs."

    Jun Wu Xie's eyes lifted and her eyes flashed with realization.

    "The rats have started to move."

    Among the blocks of lofts in the city's north, a bunch of uncouth and rugged looking men had suddenly appeared. They had well built bodies and their faces fierce. They were highly intimidating and looked like they were not to be trifled with. The refugees who had just moved into the lofts recently were all fearful when they saw these brawny men appear.
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