Chapter 1436: “Courting Death (2)”

    Chapter 1436: "Courting Death (2)"

    The leader of the group of brawny men stared at the neatly constructed lofts and his mouth curled up into a savage smile. He raised his finger and pointed it at an elderly lady leading her grandchild into the lofts and said: "You! That old one! Come here this instant!"

    The old lady was already past her fifties and ravages of life had bowed her back in a hunch. She was skinny and small, the hair on the sides of her head streaked white. Suddenly being shouted at by the brawny man, all colour on her face immediately drained out as she clutched at her grandchild in terror as she turned to the group of men who looked like they were up to no good.

    The old lady trembled as she looked at the men, her pleading eyes subconsciously looking towards other refugees who were standing not too far away. But all those other refugees were mostly old people well advanced in age like her and some weak and helpless ladies. They were unable to even defend themselves so how would they dare to interfere? They merely turned their eyes, trying to avoid the old lady's gaze.

    "Are you damned deaf! ? I asked you to get your sorry self over here! Can't you hear me! ? Do I have to go over there and invite you to come instead! ?" The brawny man shouted impatiently with an angry frown upon his face. He signalled to the men beside him with his eyes and two of them immediately walked towards the old lady, to forcibly drag her there.

    "What..... What are you going to do....." The old lady was no match for the strong men. She fought to protect her grandchild but they were both dragged over by those two men.

    The leader of the men stared disdainfully at the highly nervous old lady and said in an unfriendly tone: "Where were you going just now?"

    The old lady clutched her grandchild protectively in her arms and said warily: "H..... Home....."

    "Home?" The man's eyebrow raised up alarmingly and he pinched his nose in a thuggish manner while gazing at the old lady from the side of his eyes to say: "You are saying that your home is within these lofts?"

    The old lady swallowed loudly in a gulp and nodded her head hesitantly.

    She was just about to open her mouth and had not even uttered a sound when she was kicked in the hips by the man, that caused her to fall heavily to the ground!

    "Listen up you old long life one! Who told you this place is your home? Why don't you take a piss and look at yourself in it? Does a beggar like you even have the right to live in such a nice house?" The man said harshly.

    Having been dealt such a hard blow, the old woman almost passed out upon the ground and had no strength to get up. Her already frail body felt like it was going to fall apart as she lay in a shivering heap upon the ground. The young child was on his knees upon the ground, looking at her grandmother as tears brimmed up within her large innocent eyes.

    The scene that was unfolding before their eyes startled the hearts of the other refugees gathered around, fear and unease spreading in their chests. They did not dare to go forward to help the old lady up and could only watch those ruffians carry on with their thuggish ways.

    "Grandma..... Grandma....." The child cried out chokingly, but the old lady could only groan softly.

    The brawny men swept his gaze over the terrified refugees around him and his heart filled with glee. He kicked the child away with a foot and stomped his feet brutally upon the old lady's thigh. That hard stomp brought about the sound of a crisp crack and a pitiful wail escaped from the old lady's mouth. That wail was highly grating to the ear, like a bolt of lightning that struck upon the hearts of the gathered spectators!

    "You old hag! Let me tell you! This isn't a place that pieces of trash like you can live in! If you want to continue to live here, it can be arranged! Ten taels of silver per head everyday!" The man shouted as he swung his gaze over the terrified refugees around him.

    [Ten taels of silver!]

    The refugees were all stunned speechless. They could not even dig out one copper from their bodies, needless to say ten whole taels of silver.
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