Chapter 1437: “Courting Death (3)”

    Chapter 1437: "Courting Death (3)"

    All the refugees were completely flabbergasted. They wouldn't be able to even shake a copper out from their bodies what's more ten whole taels of silver! And they even had to pay it once a day! Even if they sold themselves off, they still wouldn't have so much money!

    Having just managed to come to this highly tranquil and clean place, the refugees had thought they could finally live in peace. How could they have thought that they would encounter such a thing!

    "But..... didn't they already tell us..... there are no charges....." A child that was still rather young spoke the doubt that was on everyone's mind. That child had just spoken those words when a lady quickly reached her hand out to clamp it over the child's mouth from behind.

    But those naive and innocent words had reached the ears of the thug and his eyes immediately swung upon that child. The child's mother broke out in cold sweat, immediately falling to her knees in kowtow, to plead for mercy from the thug.

    "Great Lord, the child is ignorant so please do not take offence with him."

    "Even if the child is ignorant, don't tell me that you as his mother is just as clueless?" The thug asked as he glared at the woman who had gone deathly pale. "Both of you should have stayed here for at least two to three days already haven't you? Then shouldn't you be already be paying up for the money owed? Seeing that you are alone with such a young child, I'll wouldn't charge you so much. Just two days for two people and I'll just make it forty taels for the two of you."

    "For..... Forty taels....." The woman was completely flustered. Her husband had been killed when the Poison Men had attacked and she had escaped with their young child the entire way here. They had depleted all their savings on this journey and forty taels to her was just too astronomical a number. She cried out desperately in plea: "Great Lord, I really have no money..... really....."

    The thug gazed sinisterly at the woman pretty face hidden under her terror. The woman was petite in size and though already a mother, she still remained rather attractive. The thug took a step forward and touched the woman on her face. "No money? That's still alright. If you really have no money, it's fine to pay with your body as well!"

    The woman's eyes went wide in utter disbelief. But before she could even scream out, the thug had pulled her right up and forcibly locked her with his embrace as he groped her all over. Pitiful cries tore out from the woman's mouth as she struggled vehemently. But how could her puny strength be a match for the thug's strong muscular arms?

    Pea sized teardrops flowed from the woman's eyes. She continued to beg for the thug to stop, and pleaded for the refugees around to save her.

    But the refugees continued to stand at the side, choosing to remain silent, averting their gaze one by one to hide their eyes, unable to watch on.

    "Let go of my mother! You bad man! Let go of my mother!" When the young and innocent child saw his mother being bullied, he pounced onto the thug as if gone mad to bite the man on his arm, the pain causing the thug to immediately release his grip.

    "Damn it! You brat! You dare to bite me! Men! I want that kid beaten to death right here and that woman to be sold to the brothel! All of you people here listen up and hear me good! If you do not pay up what you owe today, none of you will be able to live in peace!" The thug hollered loudly in rage.

    Several of the burly men behind the leader then immediately leapt towards the poor mother and child!

    However, just at the moment that those men were about to grab the mother and child, a figure suddenly flashed quick as lightning to appear right in front of them, a freak streak of light that flashed past! The men who had leapt forward were all sent flying backwards by a powerful force in an instant!
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