Chapter 1438: “Courting Death (4)”

    Chapter 1438: "Courting Death (4)"

    "Who's that! ?" The leader of the thugs saw before his eyes his companions being sent flying and his eyes immediately stared at the newcomer!

    Right before the mother and child pair who were hugging each other, a small figure stood proudly straight!

    It was a youth with a delicately attractive face. Dressed in simple and coarse hemp clothes, he looked unremarkable, but for that pair of eyes that sent chills right into one's bones!

    Cold but clear as water!

    The thug stared in confusion at the youth who had appeared all of a sudden, gauging the person's appearance. Seeing that he was dressed in crude clothes, he assumed that that was just a refugee staying there.

    "From where did you this bastard kid sprout out from! ? You must be tired of living! How dare you disrupt my fun! Do you believe I can make you scamper out of here any minute! Damn it!"

    Jun Wu Xie stared coldly at the man shouting noisily, her chilling gaze slowly sweeping over the figure of the child who had lost her voice from crying and the old lady crumpled upon the ground behind the thug. That pair of cold and icy eyes then surged with murder.

    "Little bastard kid! Your lord am talking to you here! Do your damned ears hear me! ?" The thug shouted as he glared at Jun Wu Xie. Seeing that it was just a skinny and weak looking youth, his demeanor became even more arrogant!

    "I beg you..... Save us..... Please save us....." The woman who had fallen to the ground behind Jun Wu Xie sobbed as she hugged her child tightly, begging as she gazed upon Jun Wu Xie's back. Even though she knew that it was just a young youth who stood before her eyes, she had no other way out of this.

    Jun Wu Xie did not turn around but merely narrowed her eyes as she stared at the ferocious looking thug.

    "Damn you! Have that kid slaughtered for me! I want to see who else would still dare to stir up any more trouble!" The thug shouted viciously, and the towering men immediately leapt at the small sized Jun Wu Xie.

    However, everything that happened after that made every fall into a state of shock!

    Before any of the men who were leaping towards Jun Wu Xie could even get near her, several streaks of purple coloured spirit light shot out from Jun Wu Xie's hand. The purple coloured spirit light morphed into several sharp blades in the air to immediately pierce through the heart meridians of the towering men!

    Suddenly, five brawny men lay lifelessly upon the ground, a scarlet flower the colour of blood blooming upon their chests!

    In just the time it took to blink, five strong and well built men had lost their lives. The thug who had initially been highly arrogant stared in a wide mouth stare as he looked at the scene before his eyes. What astounded him even further was that around Jun Wu Xie's body, was the brilliant glow of the Purple Spirit!

    [A Purple Spirit!]

    [This half grown little pipsqueak actually possesses the legendary Purple Spirit!]

    [How can that be possible! ?]

    The thug's backbone then suddenly seemed to have been pulled out of him as the arrogance upon his face instantly crumbled!

    The fearful refugees at the side were all staring with their mouths hanging wide open, as they saw the Purple Spirit glow swirling around Jun Wu Xie's body, completely unable to believe what they were seeing before them!

    That the Purple Spirit that had been extinct for the past hundred years would actually manifest once again right before their eyes!

    Jun Wu Xie's eyes narrowed up slightly, not even giving the bodies lying within their own pools of blood a single glance. The thick foul stench of blood spread into the surrounding air, the smell inciting the fiery rage burning inside her chest to burn fiercer!

    "Who..... Who are you actually....." The thug was flustered. Beat him to death and he would never have thought that this frail and weak looking youth would actually be a Purple Spirit that only existed in legends. All the arrogance and complacency from before were completely burned into ashes under the light of the Purple Spirit!


    (Authour - Question: Where was the place that Jun Wu Xie met Rong Ruo for the first time? [Upon icy skies and snowy grounds, a three hundred and sixty degree plea for monthly tickets! I'll steal Hua Yao and send him onto your couch! To be used as you wish! Pleading for monthly tickets! (Qiao Chu: That whahizname! You come right over here! I want to talk to you about my life!)]
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