Chapter 1439: “Courting Death (5)”

    Chapter 1439: "Courting Death (5)"

    Jun Wu Xie lifted her chin slightly as she stared at the thug: "You came all the way here to stir up trouble and you do not know who I am?"

    The vicious thug gulped loudly as he looked at Jun Wu Xie's appearance, his mind suddenly remembering that the person who initially bought these manors had exactly been a young youth with such delicate features!

    "It's you! You are the person who bought this whole place! !" The thug exclaimed in shocked realization.

    The thug's loud exclamation made all the refugees stare completely stunned at the young Jun Wu Xie. They had already been staying here for a few days but still did not know who had so generously provided them with such a comfortable environment. They had once thought that it could have been the Lord of the City, or it might have been that "Great Benefactor", but never once had they once considered the fact that the person responsible for providing them with all of this would actually be such a young little lad!

    "Good." Jun Wu Xie's eyes narrowed up as she said. "In this way, you will at least die knowing it." Jun Wu Xie's words had barely just dropped when her figure disappeared from the spot she had been standing in an instant. The thug and his other companions wailed out in pure terror and immediately picked up their legs to run with complete abandonment!

    However, they already did not stand a single chance of escaping anymore!

    The figure of Jun Wu Xie was just like a purple streak form of the devil, descending upon them all at the speed of lightning that shot through the group of ruffians who were attempting to escape!

    The purple glowing streak brought about ruin everywhere it flashed, blood spurting forth where it passed!

    More than ten towering sized thugs lay in their own pools of blood in a blink, all of them not knowing what had befallen upon them even till the point of death, their last breath already gone from their bodies by the time they hit the ground!

    The bright red blood turned a large area of the ground a garish shade of scarlet, the suffocating stench causing the refugees to clutch at their abdomen as their stomachs churned, nauseating them.

    Suddenly, among the many pools of blood, only that highly arrogant lead thug was left, his legs having been cut out from under him without even him knowing! With the loss of support of his legs, he lay howling in his own pool of blood, his eyes staring wide with absolute horror at the lifeless bodies of his companions, seemingly turned bright red from the very reflection of their blood!

    A pair of legs slowly came into his view before his eyes, to stop at a mere half inch away from the tip of his nose.

    Jun Wu Xie used the tip of her shoe to lift up the chin of the thug, forcing him to lift his deathly pale face to look up at her chilly countenance.

    "This place belongs to me, and if anyone wishes to commit any atrocities upon this place, I wouldn't mind sending them on their way to Hell." Jun Wu Xie's voice was soft, but the piercing chill within those words made him shiver uncontrollably in that heat.

    Those words were spoken in such a soft tone, but they were driven deep right into his very bones, causing the warmth in every drop of his blood to slowly dissipate.

    "Spare me..... Spare me..... I will never dare do it again..... Never ever again....." The excruciating pain and utter despair was causing the thug to tremble uncontrollably, looking like a dog as he lay, a limp pile within a pool of his own blood, not a sliver of the earlier arrogance upon his face, but just the fear of impending death.

    "Too late." Jun Wu Xie's eyes flashed with a glint of murder, the tip of her foot turning the thug's head with great force, snapping the thug's neck off with a kick!

    In just mere moments, the thugs who committed all kinds of nefarious deeds had all stopped breathing. From beginning to end, they had not been able to put up the slightest bit of defence against Jun Wu Xie at all.

    Their lives before Jun Wu Xie's eyes, became like dust that could be wiped off in an instant, so fragile and brittle, unable to withstand the slightest knock.

    The air was filled with that suffocating stench of blood, the refugees witnessing death right before their eyes. That was the first time everyone of them were seeing the overwhelming might of the Purple Spirit, that unsurpassably oppressive power, causing all of them to shiver at the mere sight of it!
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