Chapter 1440: “Courting Death (6)”

    Chapter 1440: "Courting Death (6)"

    This here, is the Purple Spirit!

    Reigning supreme above everyone, a most powerful entity at the very pinnacle of the golden pyramid!

    The refugees were gathered all around, squeezed tightly against each other, but they were all completely silent, without a single peep coming out from them.

    They stared at the dead bodies lying upon the ground, and their backs became drenched with sweat. The chill in their bones still cold deep within their bones, the sight of the bloody massacre that happened before their eyes still gripping their hearts in a tight hold.

    Jun Wu Xie stepped through the garishly red blood, her steps taking her to come beside the old lady who had already fainted into unconsciousness. Every step she took left another bright red bloody footprint on the ground, when linked up, looked just like a manifestation of the chains of death.

    The child lying upon the old lady was sobbing so hard she was gasping for breath as she raised her head up to look at Jun Wu Xie, with eyes overflowing with tears that were not showing the slightest sliver of fear or unease but were instead filled with gratitude.

    The thinking of children as young as that were the purest and most untainted. She only knew that the big brother in front of her had helped kill those people who bullied her grandmother and was hence their benefactor!

    Jun Wu Xie squatted herself down and checked on the old woman's condition. After ascertaining that her life was not at risk, she clapped her palms together and a shadow darted out from a corner.

    "Give her this medicine and sent her back to rest." Jun Wu Xie said as she gave Ye Sha a bottle of elixirs.

    Ye Sha took the bottle without a word and carried up the old woman upon his back before sending her up inside the lofts.

    Jun Wu Xie got up, the murder already faded out of her eyes. But her gaze was still chilly, covered with a layer of frost as it slowly swung over the group of stunned refugees gathered at the side where she suddenly opened her mouth to say: "What happened today, I will only allow it to happen only once. I provided all of you with this place not to keep a bunch of trash who would just stand by and watch things like this happen without lifting a finger to help. If even you yourselves do not have the courage to defend your companions here, then the whole lot of you can very well crawl back to your hovel of a refugee camp! This place does not welcome such craven cowards!"

    Powerful enemies weren't that frightening, what was really scary would be when one did not even possess the courage to fight that enemy!

    The lofts were by now accommodating close to a thousand refugees and even if they were just people made up of the elderly and weak women and children, if they had had the courage to rise up together as one body, those ten over ferocious thugs would not have stood a chance against all of them.

    With close to a thousand people in number, even with every one of them just throwing a single rock each, they would have stoned the ten over thugs to death. But they had not had the courage, but just stood at the side quietly as they became numbed by fear, to watch on as their companions were being viciously abused!

    Jun Wu Xie absolutely despised craven cowards like this. A person can be weak, but the heart must not be!

    Jun Wu Xie's words, struck like a great bolt of lightning upon all their hearts. They all stood staring at the sobbing child, looking at the mother and child pair hugging each other still overwhelmed with fear.

    The woman's heart rending scream for help earlier replayed with everyone's mind at that moment, the water from a spring of guilt washing over their dust covered conscience hidden deep within.

    Their heads hung ashamedly from the powerful guilt, their eyes filled with regret. Today, when that grandmother with her grandchild and the mother and son duo had been bullied, they had all chosen to not help, keeping their hands within their sleeves. But if the day came and a similar thing happened to them, how helpless and what kind of despair would they then feel?

    "Thank you..... Thank you....." The woman who had very nearly been victimised by the thugs clutched at her child and knelt upon the ground to thank Jun Wu Xie incessantly. If not for Jun Wu Xie's timely intervention, she and her son might very well have lost their lives here today!

    Jun Wu Xie glanced briefly at them once and then turned to depart. The woman and child pair remained kneeling on the ground, unwilling to get up until Jun Wu Xie went inside that loft unit that stood independant from the others. Only then, did the woman stood up still trembling as she carried her child, the eyes that had turned red from crying sweeping over the moreosely silent crowd of refugees, filled with hate.
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