Chapter 1441: “Knocking on Death’s Door Again (1)”

    Chapter 1441: "Knocking on Death's Door Again (1)"

    The City Lord was sipping on a new batch of tea he had acquired as his lovely spouse knelt by his feet to massage his legs, looking highly relaxed and leisurely.

    But not a few moments had passed when a servant in the City Lord's Manor came running inside in a rush, his face ashen as he fell to his knees with a thud before the City Lord.

    "What has gotten you in such a fluster. Where are your manners?" The City Lord grumbled in displeasure with a frown upon his face as he lifted up his cup of tea.

    "My Lord! There's trouble! !" The servant exclaimed loudly.

    "Trouble? The Clear Breeze City has always been steadily peaceful. What could happen here?" The City Lord said nonchalantly.

    "Liu Er..... Liu Er still has not come back....."

    The City Lord's brows creased up. Liu Er was a hired thug he kept by his side in the manor. Under the instructions of the revered one, the City Lord had always worked hard to portray an image of righteousness for himself and all his underhanded deeds were left in Liu Er's hands to deal with. He had asked Liu Er to go up to the city's north today to stir up trouble in those lofts.

    "He has not returned? This lazybones Liu Er is starting to slack off on his tasks." The City Lord said in a displeased tone.

    However, the servant replied: "It's not that..... Your servant sent someone up to the city's north to take a look and he heard that Liu Er and his men had all been killed up there!"

    A crash sounded. The teacup in the City Lord's hand had dropped to the ground, breaking into pieces. His eyes flared wide as he stared at the servant, his eyes highly incredulous.

    "What did you just say? Who could have killed Liu Er! ?"

    "Your servant does not know, but only heard that the entire gang of people Liu Er brought with him up to the city's north were all killed but no one seems to know who the person who did it was."

    "A useless good for nothing!" The City Lord stood up with a swoosh. Liu Er had helped him complete quite a number of tasks and although he was a person that was a little of a braggart, he was rather nimble minded and knew how to use the stick and carrot approach rather well, never having ever committed any big mistakes. He would never ever have thought that by asking Liu Er to make life difficult for those useless refugees up in the city's north and driving those parasites out of that place, Liu Er would end up being killed by people for no reason!

    What was even more terrifying was that his people had not even been able to find out the culprit responsible for it!

    "What exactly happened! ? Have the entire bunch of you been living in vain? There were more than ten lives lost! How could those lives have been taken without a single person knowing anything about it! ?" The City Lord's face had turned an ugly shade. He had thought that the issue up in the city's north could be dealt with easily and he had even instructed the shop to release news about the availability of loft units that would be put up for sale.

    But after just barely half a day had passed and things had taken a turn beyond anything he could have expected!

    The servant got a severe dressing down and he replied in a mournful voice: "I have already gotten people to infiltrate into the place to try to find out the truth behind Liu Er's death from the refugees there, but god knows what happened with those people! They had initially looked like they could be easily manipulated but when the mere mention of the incident was brought up, every single one of them avoided the matter like a plague, unwilling to say a word about it and we were unable to find out anything from them."

    "Useless trash! Just a bunch of good for nothings!" The City Lord's good mood immediately dissipated into the wind like smoke. He did not care about Liu Er's death itself. What frustrated him was what was happening in the city's north now. If he was not able to drive those refugees out of those lofts in the city's north, the revered one would surely place the blame on him.

    "Do it right now! Go get them ready for me immediately! Gather up a troop of the city's soldiers and follow me to the city's north! I would really like to see just who it is that dares to be so atrocious within the Clear Breeze City!" The City Lord screamed out in rage. He could afford to not bother with it if this had been any other matter, but when it implicated the interests of the revered one, even he would not be able to answer for it. At that moment, he could no longer make himself continue to remain on his seat!
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