Chapter 1442: “Knocking on Death’s Door Again (2)”

    Chapter 1442: "Knocking on Death's Door Again (2)"

    Very soon, the big bellied City Lord with his wide girth was leading a troop of soldiers, marching aggressively towards the city's north. This was his first time coming here and when he saw the row after row of loft units, the itch in his heart was hard to contain, but he knew he had to get rid of those refugees first.

    When the refugees suddenly heard that the City Lord had lead a large troop of soldiers to come here at the city's north, everybody's faces lit up with delight. No matter what kind of living conditions they had been made to survive under before, their hearts still felt that the City Lord of the Clear Breeze City who had been willing to offer shelter to them was a kind hearted man who loved the people. Even seeing the large troop of soldiers he had lead to this place, they were all not feeling the least bit nervous.

    "The City Lord has come! The City Lord must have come here because of the incident from before!"

    The City Lord is a kind man. If he knew that thugs were terrorizing the common citizens, he will surely stand up for them in justice!"

    After having witnessed with their own eyes a bout of bloody massacre, the refugees who still held terror within their hearts were actually feeling a sense of relief when they saw the City Lord appear, all of them rushing forward one by one, their mouth full of praise for the City Lord.

    The City Lord fought hard to maintain an amicable smile upon his face, his heart filled with hatred and disgust towards the refugees surging up to surround him. When he thought of the fact that these parasites were occupying such a nice place which impeded him from making a good sum of money, he wished so much that he could just order the soldiers to stab all these pieces of trash to death!

    His heart cursing for all the refugees to just die and get themselves quickly reincarnated, but in order for him to continue to portray an image of benevolence, the City Lord forced his face to show a kindly and smiling mask, doing his best to use a amiable tone of voice to speak.

    "All of you have suffered over this period. Although the CLear Breeze City is not really a highly prosperous city, but as long as I am here, I will not let all of you here suffer atrocities to be done upon you! Today, I heard that someone came here to create trouble which made me very angry. Although all of you are not original residents born and bred here in the Clear Breeze City, but from the very day all of you set foot into the Clear Breeze City, I have already regarded you as a member of us here. If anyone dares to bully any of you, I will surely seek for justice on your behalf!" The City Lord said firmly, looking like a strict and impartial official, his words sounding very pretty to hear.

    The refugees who had all already been grateful to the City Lord immediately broke out in a appreciative show of gratitude.

    "My Lord, you can rest assured. Those thugs have already been dealt with cleanly!" Someone said gleefully, never noticing the vicious glint that flashed very briefly within the City Lord's eyes.

    The City Lord sneered in his heart, but his face showed an expression of delight. "Oh? Already dealt with? I had just received the news that several highly tyrannical and rowdy brutes were here terrorizing the citizens and I had immediately brought my men here to arrest all of them to throw them in jail. I would never have expected that all of you would be able to react so quickly but I am now relieved. I hope none of you got hurt?"

    The refugees fell over themselves trying to give their account of the nefarious deeds the thugs had done to the City Lord but when they spoke about what happened to the elderly lady with her grandchild and the woman with her son, their faces showed traces of guilty embarrassment and unease.

    "Don't worry my Lord, the matter has been resolved and Young Master Jun has also sent people to give the old lady treatment for her injuries."

    The City Lord smiled as he nodded, and his words took a sudden turn as he asked: "I wonder who lent a hand to resolve the matter? Such matters are actually my responsibility as the City Lord to prevent and I have failed by not resolving it in a timely fashion. Hence, I would like to personally thank the person who had so selflessly helped all of you."

    Upon hearing the City Lord's words, two of the refugees were just about to open their mouths to speak but they felt a tugging upon their clothes from the other people behind them and they immediately clamped their mouths shut, none of them daring to reveal the slightest clue about the real culprit behind the killing of Liu Er.
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