Chapter 1443: “Knocking on Death’s Door Again (3)”

    Chapter 1443: "Knocking on Death's Door Again (3)"

    The refugees' strange behaviour very quickly attracted the City Lord's notice and he cursed secretly in his heart, though his face maintained that same gentle smile.

    "What's wrong? Is there anything that's inconvenient for you to say? All of you can rest assured that I just want to thank that hero properly myself. All of you are people that I allowed to come into this city and I will naturally not allow anyone to bully any of you as you are all now also considered to be citizens of my Clear Breeze City as well. Since that person had been able to protect all of you, he had also helped eased another one of my worries, hence, I will not do anything to make things difficult for him." The City Lord said highly movingly, and the hesitant refugees began to show signs of relenting.

    Several of the refugees buzzed among themselves in a bunch for a long while. The City Lord's words sounded highly reasonable. The fact that they had been able to come into the city to seek refuge was due to the City Lord's benevolence who had been willing to offer help to a bunch of refugees like them who had nothing on them, so he could not be a bad person.

    "Regarding that..... My Lord..... That benefactor had taken the lives of people..... But..... But he is still a benefactor to all of us. If not for him, none of them would have been able to live in a place like this today. Will..... will you..... because he killed someone..... place blame upon him?" A refugee bolstered up his courage to ask.

    The City Lord laughed coldly inside his heart as he knew he had managed to find a crack among these people. His smile grew deeper and in his most amiable tone, he said: "Why would I! ? He punished evil and helped the kind, it is something that is highly commendable instead, why would I make things difficult for him? I can't wait to thank him instead!"

    As expected, once the City Lord said that, those refugees who had been rather nervous immediately heaved a sigh in relief and turned to look at each other all around. Finally relaxing their guard, they began to reveal the truth to the City Lord.

    And just as the City Lord was secretly smiling to himself in glee for having been able to pry open the mouths of their refugees, a woman leading a child stared coldly at the City Lord who was tightly surrounded by refugees. Her face still had wounds on it and she was that mother that Jun Wu Xie had previously saved.

    At that moment, anxiety appeared upon her face. She looked all around her and grasping her child's hand tightly, she quickly sped off towards the individual loft unit separated from the rest!

    Ye Jie she sat in the hall upon the first floor, bored to tears as she plopped herself over the table, teasing the Hell Rodent nibbling upon a peanut when she suddenly saw the highly flustered woman barging in. She stood up suddenly and blocked herself before the mother and child.

    "This place does not allow just anyone to enter!" Ye Jie said with a frown upon her face.

    The woman stared in surprise at the little girl wearing a half faced mask before her eyes but could not afford the time to determine the girl's identity. She knew very well that the loft their benefactor resided in did not normally allow anyone in and the refugees had all always conscientiously kept their distance from here to not disturb, but.....

    "This young lady, I have something very urgent to see Young Master Jun about!" The woman said, her face highly anxious.

    Ye Jie instead replied while looking rather perplexed: "Young Master Jun has said that without his permission, no one is to disturb him." Ye Jie was being extraordinarily stubborn. For someone who was able to remain within a sealed up tomb for close to a thousand years to guard her Lord's slumber, her thoroughness in carrying out her orders was to be expected.

    The woman was unable to convince Ye Jie and no matter what she said, she was unable to get through to Ye Jie, driving her into a greater state of panic. Left without any other choice, she fell to her knees with a loud thud before Ye Jie which frightened so badly the innocent little girl stood there completely stunned.

    "Young lady, I really hold no bad intentions. If you do not allow me in, it's alright. But you must definitely bring this news I have to Young Master Jun." The woman said anxiously.
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