Chapter 1444: “Knocking on Death’s Door Again (4)”

    Chapter 1444: "Knocking on Death's Door Again (4)"

    "Stand..... Stand up to talk....." Ye Jie was rather flustered.

    The woman however just went on to say: "The Lord of the Clear Breeze City brought a troop of soldiers here and is now asking everyone about the incident today. The City Lord is not really a kind person and I beg for Young Master Jun to be careful against him!"

    "Huh?" Ye Jie was getting confused.

    The woman thought that the little girl did not believe her words and her face became red from anxiety as she explained in a panic: "On the surface, the Lord of the Clear Breeze City portrays himself to be a good person. But If he did care for the refugees, why would he let all the refugees to be cooped up in such a dirty place? He came here with his soldiers today saying that it's to capture the thugs but this is the Clear Breeze City right! ? He is the Lord of the Clear Breeze City! It is impossible that he should be finding the circumstances strange only at this point. The only thing that he is concerned about finding out is the person who killed those thugs, that shows that there is something fishy!"

    "The people here were being highly naive and they should have told him that it was Young Master Jun who struck those men. Young Master Jun had been forced to strike in order to save me and my child and he is a great benefactor to both of us. I beg that the young lady will bring these words to Young Master Jun!" Finishing her words, the woman kowtowed and hit her head with a loud thud against the ground, no longer persistent on intruding as she led her child away.

    Till after the mother and child pair had left, Ye Jie was still standing there blankly, her mind a gooey whirl.

    If the woman had known that Ye Jie had a serious problem in expressing herself in words, she would definitely not dare to ask Ye Jie to convey her words to Jun Wu Xie.

    "It's her....." A soft voice suddenly sounded from the stairs and Ye Jie looked up in confusion, to see Jun Wu Xie standing upon the steps with Jun Wu Yao behind her.

    "Arh!" Ye Jie opened her mouth, wanting to tell the words the woman had said to Jun Wu Xie. She knew exactly what she wanted to say in her heart but when the words reached her mouth, she did not know where to start from.

    "I heard everything," Jun Wu Xie said, seeing how difficult it was for Ye Jie.

    Ye Jie looked at her blankly for a moment before she revealed a brilliant smile at her.

    "That mother and child pair, if my memory serves me correctly, should be the ones that you saved earlier?" Jun Wu Yao said with a very faint smile, leaning easily with an arm resting against the railing in the stairs.

    Jun Wu Xie nodded slightly.

    "That's a smarter one at least, knowing to reciprocate." Jun Wu Yao was highly satisfied with that woman's reaction.

    Jun Wu Xie did not respond. She had never expected anything in return from all these people and that woman's reaction had surprised her greatly. She knew that the Lord of the Clear Breeze City wore a hypocritical mask of kindness but the refugees did not know anything about it. But that woman had been able to detect the City Lord's duplicitous nature from among all the fine details and come here at the first instance to tell her about it. All other things aside, at least that mind of hers was a lot clearer than all the others, and she knew to repay benevolence shown to her.

    "The rats are becoming unsettled and are coming out in waves. So, has Little Xie already thought of how you are going to deal with them?" Jun Wu Yao asked smilingly.

    Jun Wu Xie said expressionlessly: "I want to grab the viper at the head. These people are not my target." Regardless whether it was the thugs or the City Lord, even Luo Xi would also be beneath her notice. She was doing all this only to force the mastermind behind to show himself.

    And judging from the current situation, they seemed like they were getting rather anxious. Just within a single day today, they had repeatedly come here to seek death and such reactions made Jun Wu Xie feel rather satisfied.

    "I'll go take a look first." Jun Wu Xie said as she patted Jun Wu Yao on the back of his hand, indicating that he need not show himself, before walking out from the loft on her own to make her way towards the City Lord who was surrounded by the crowd of refugees.
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