Chapter 1445: “Inverting the Truth and Falsehood (1)”

    Chapter 1445: "Inverting the Truth and Falsehood (1)"

    Jun Wu Xie's arrival attracted the notice of the people and when several of the refugees saw the figure of Jun Wu Xie appear, their hearts were slightly startled. Although filled with respected, their eyes could not help but show a sliver of fear.

    The might of Jun Wu Xie's Purple Spirit and witnessing that bloody slaughter from before had left an indelible impression upon the hearts of the refugees. Although they were grateful towards Jun Wu Xie for the kindness and righteousness shown for being willing to take them in, but to common citizens like them, the scene they witnessed had been a little too much to bear. At the same time that it had dealt with the thugs, it had also caused them to involuntarily develop a sense of fear and wariness towards Jun Wu Xie.

    The City Lord had just finished hearing out the refugees when he suddenly saw a youth with delicate features walking over in approach. When all the gazes of the refugees turned to focus upon that figure, he was able to instantly determine the other party's identity.

    And right at the moment he became certain of Jun Wu Xie's identity, his eyes suddenly flashed with malice!

    "You are Young Master Jun?" The City Lord suddenly broke into a smile, looking at the cold faced Jun Wu Xie.

    "What is it?" Jun Wu Xie replied coldly as she looked at the brilliantly smiling City Lord.

    "I am the Lord of the Clear Breeze City and this is Young Master Jun's first time here to the Clear Breeze City and it is said that people come from afar are all deemed as guests. I had heard from all these people here earlier that when those thugs came here to stir up trouble earlier, they were fortunate to have righteous Young Master Jun lending them a hand to kill off every single one of those thugs. Heroes indeed rise out from the young. Can I ask if what all these people said is true?" The City Lord asked, his face looking like he was filled with admiration for Jun Wu Xie.

    Jun Wu Xie's eyes were chilly as she watched the City Lord's hypocritical expression on her face as she said: "So what if it is? And what if it's not?"

    The City Lord smiled and replied: "It's nothing much really, but I am just moved by Young Master Jun's sense of justice. But there is one thing that I do not really understand and I might need Young Master Jun to explain it to me a little."

    "What?" Jun Wu Xie's face was still as cold as ever.

    The City Lord's face was smiling but in his heart, he was cursing Jun Wu Xie a million and one times but did not dare to show his disdain in the slightest. The refugees had told him earlier that Jun Wu Xie had killed Liu Er and his men and although Liu Er's powers were not really that great with his bunch of underlings holding rather insignificant powers as well, but they had the strength of numbers. The refugees told him that Jun Wu Xie had massacred the whole lot of them by his own strength alone and such dominating power caused the City Lord have no choice but to tread carefully. But as none of the refugees had been willing to reveal the extent of Jun Wu Xie's true power, the City Lord was unable to determine just how strong Jun Wu Xie really was and he was guessing that it would roughly be at the yellow spirit level.

    I heard that these lofts here were built by Young Master Jun as well? May I also ask if that is true?"

    Jun Wu Xie swept her gaze over the City Lord's face that was so fat and pudgy. "Yes."

    The City Lord laughed in spite of himself and shook his head as he said: "Young Master Jun is highly righteous and that is highly admirable. But I really cannot for the world understand this. With Young Master still so young and highly talented, why do you persist in pursuing such insubstantial fame, to usurp the homes of others, a dove in a magpie's nest, that is not an act befitting of a gentleman!"

    The City Lord's words immediately caused all the refugees around to stare wide eyed at him.

    Ignoring the looks directed at him, the City Lord then went on to say: "These lofts here were in fact houses I had ordered people to build for the refugees who just came into the city and I do not know why Young Master Jun would come up with such a ridiculous idea to actually claim that these lofts were your idea instead? With Young Master Jun being so young, it's rather understandable that you would be highly exuberant and want to gain a good reputation for yourself. But although at your age where one is filled with vigor, you still lack consideration in many other aspects in the way you do things. In order to build these lofts, I had depleted all my life savings and I did not do it for fame or good repute. I think that Young Master Jun is still very young and you still have much time to achieve great things, you shouldn't commit such despicable acts like claiming the credit of others to become yours like this."
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