Chapter 1446: “Inverting the Truth and Falsehood (2)”

    Chapter 1446: "Inverting the Truth and Falsehood (2)"

    The City Lord's words, instantly elicited a wave of uproar over the crowd as everyone stared incredulously at Jun Wu Xie.

    What was just said, had been put across very directly, both insinuating and blatantly claiming that the lofts were not built by Jun Wu Xie at all but she had just leapt upon the chance before the City Lord could lay claim to it, stealing credit not due to her by insisting she had built them!

    At almost the same moment the City Lord's voice dropped, countless pairs of suspicious gazes were cast straight upon the figure of Jun Wu Xie.

    Jun Wu Xie's eyes narrowed and an icy glint flashed as she looked at the City Lord who had inverted the truth with such falsehood.

    The City Lord saw that Jun Wu Xie was not answering and he could not contain his glee. But before he was able to ascertain Jun Wu Xie's power, he did not date to clash head to head against Jun Wu Xie. Afterall, for a single youth to be be able to kill Liu Er and his band of more than ten men, the youth was to be wary of.


    [If physical force doesn't work, he still has other ways of doing it!]

    [He's just a young and inexperienced youth, how can the lad be a match for him?]

    "Young Master Jun, seeing that you are still young and ignorant, I will not hold the matter against you. But as the construction of the lofts have not been fully completed, there are still many unsafe elements existent within. For you to have rashly deceived all these people to come live in them just to gain recognition to improve your reputation, aren't you taking the lives of so many people too lightly?" The City Lord continued to push the issue, putting on a highly pained look as he looked at Jun Wu Xie.

    At that moment, the eyes of almost all the refugees looking at Jun Wu Xie had turned strange.

    They had all thought that the construction of these lofts had been a little strange. They wouldn't be able to know how much the construction of something that was of such big scale would really cost, but anyone would guess that it would be an astronomical amount. [Young Master Jun was of such a young age and wasn't even a original citizen of the Clear Breeze City. Would he really be willing to fork out such an immense sum of money to build such a magnificent shelter for a bunch of people completely unrelated to him? Whichever way one looked at it, it would feel rather strange.]

    Some of them had even held doubts in their hearts as they felt Jun Wu Xie was just too young and that the City Lord was sounding more convincing. Afterall, constructing these lofts was not small undertaking and as the City Lord had always been kind towards the refugees, they thought that it was more believable if it was said that the City Lord was the one who built these loft units.

    Faced with the City Lord's blatant slander and the suspicious looks that the refugees were throwing upon her, Jun Wu Xie was steady as Mount Tai, her icy gaze not showing a ripple under all that pressure.

    The City Lord was showing himself to possess a little bit of smarts, having so smoothly pegged such a crime onto her head and was even blatantly trying to seize all these lofts to make them his own. That was a rather good ploy here.

    Jun Wu Xie laughed coldly to herself in her heart but showed nothing on her face.

    Jun Wu Xie's silence only caused the City Lord to become more and more conceited in glee, to laugh at Jun Wu Xie's youthful innocence which had made him lose his senses so quickly when confronted with a problem. The lad had actually become so panicked that he was at a loss for words!

    The City Lord wasn't that scared that Jun Wu Xie would physically strike at him as he had his soldiers standing behind him so he had nothing to fear. And once Jun Wu Xie made a move, he would claim that Jun Wu Xie had flew into a rage out of shame and by then taking over these lofts would be easy as pie!

    However, just as the City Lord was ready to splash that all that dirty water onto Jun Wu Xie's face, the corners of Jun Wu Xie's mouth curled up into a chilling smile as she said: "You've finished?"

    The City Lord was suddenly taken aback.

    Jun Wu Xie then went on to say: "If you're finished, then it's my turn." She clapped her hands together once, and the towering figure of Ye Sha suddenly materialized beside her!
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