Chapter 1447: “Inverting the Truth and Falsehood (3)”

    Chapter 1447: "Inverting the Truth and Falsehood (3)"

    Having Ye Sha appear suddenly caused the City Lord's face to darken a shade. The towering figure of Ye Sha with his cold and stern face gave people an invisible kind of pressure.

    "To whom this place really belongs to will soon be revealed to everyone." Jun Wu Xie said with an icy glint in her eyes.

    The City Lord suddenly had an ominous feeling in his heart.

    Ye Sha suddenly pulled out a thick stack of papers and when those papers were taken out, the City Lord's face immediately changed colour!

    These here are the title deeds for the original houses and these are the deeds to the land these loft buildings are built on. These here are the accounts for constructing all these lofts and every one of these papers has been stamped with the seller's handprint." Jun Wu Xie said as she stared coldly at the pale face of the City Lord before she turned to nod her head at Ye Sha, and Ye Sha displayed the contracts one by one before the eyes of everyone there.

    The characters in black ink were cleared stated upon the white parchment that every inch of the land here belonged to "Jun Wu", which was the assumed name Jun Wu Xie had taken up!

    With such clear and irrefutable evidence, it immediately turned to become a slap that struck the City Lord squarely across the face. The refugees who had initially been highly doubtful had their eyes filled with utter surprise after seeing the contracts, the suspicions within their eyes quickly fading away as they turned upon the City Lord.

    "If you do not believe me, the City Lord can jolly well fetch the shopkeeper of the shop standing beside the magistrate's office and have him come verify whether these handprints had come from him." Jun Wu Xie said with her chin slightly lifted. When she had bought these lands, she had made full and foolproof preparations, just to protect herself against incidents like this!

    The City Lord suddenly fell silent as the eyes of the refugees surrounding them stared at him with suspicion. He had initially wanted to use the reason that the manors that had stood here had been demolished and wanted to forcefully take over the lands themselves, but he had forgotten that Jun Wu Xie had splurged such a great sum of money then, to not only buy the deeds to the manors alone!

    She also held the deeds to the lands for the next fifty years!

    Jun Wu Xie's retaliation was carried out swift and clean, highly efficient which immediately shut down all of the City Lord's excuses.

    The City Lord's face was seen to have turned so pale it appeared green, his joy from having received all those gold bars was at that moment completely flushed away, to be left with a strong urge in his mind, wishing for nothing more than to drag that shopkeeper in front of him and have him clubbed to death!

    "If there is nothing else here, the City Lord can leave now." Jun Wu Xie said as she swept her glance over the City Lord whose face had turned deathly pale from holding himself back, her eyes flashing with a chill.

    Trying such petty tricks like framing someone else for the crime, that pudgy pig was still too green.

    Seeing that Jun Wu Xie was turning away and about to leave, the City Lord's heart suddenly burned with a raging flame. As the Lord of the Clear Breeze City, no matter whether it was in the past or present, only before the revered one and Luo Xi did he have to bend his knee in humility! He had never had to suffer such outrageous humiliation!

    This youth had just sprouted out from nowhere and dared to slap him so soundly across the face today! How was he supposed to take that lying down! ?

    "Wait a minute!" The City Lord's eyes narrowed as he stared at Jun Wu Xie, his eyes ablaze with a venomous chill.

    "Young Master Jun, the words I said just now was just my way of giving you a way out of this embarrassing situation for you as that is not the reason why I am looking for you! The people here told me earlier that you had struck and killed more than ten citizens of the Clear Breeze City! For this matter! What do you have to say! ?" The City Lord was furious, and he no longer cared about anything else, immediately tearing off his kindly and benevolent mask.

    The eyes of all the refugees standing around them went wide. [That..... That's not what the City Lord said earlier! ! !]

    Having believed that the "kindly" City Lord had come here to commend Young Master Jun for his heroic deed where he eradicated the thugs, the refugees could not believe that they had been so naive to have actually pushed their benefactor into the jaws of the tiger!
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