Chapter 1448: “Inverting the Truth and Falsehood (4)”

    Chapter 1448: "Inverting the Truth and Falsehood (4)"

    For the few refugees who had opened their mouths earlier to tell the City Lord what had transpired, their faces had immediately gone white, their eyes in shock.

    "Oh?" Jun Wu Xie's brow lifted up slightly as she looked at the City Lord who was no longer able to hold himself back and then said nonchalantly: "No such thing happened. If the City Lord does not believe me, you can very well search through every inch of this place and of you manage to find any dead body here, I will be willing to take on the charge of being a murderer."

    "Guards! Search the place! I want it done thoroughly! Do not miss a single spot!" The City Lord spat out through gritted teeth as he stared at Jun Wu Xie. With that order, the soldiers the City Lord had brought with him surge towards him.

    The refugees stood in their spots unmoving and they kept silent from fear. The few of them who had been too talkative earlier had now gone pale, their jaws clenched tightly as their knees shook, hearts overcome with endless guilt. They had not once thought that their highly naive minds would bring so much trouble to their benefactor, and what was even more unexpected was that the "kindly" City Lord would so suddenly transform into an entirely different person, to go back on his word without batting an eyelid!

    It took only an instant for the City Lord's kindly image to be completely shattered within the hearts of the refugees. The accusation that had been thrown at Jun Wu Xie was quickly and irrefutably countered by Young Master Jun and the City Lord had then pinned the crime of murder upon Jun Wu Xie's head.

    Unless one was a complete idiot, or else who wouldn't be able to see that the City Lord was intentionally trying to find fault with Jun Wu Xie?

    The gazes that the refugees were looking at the City Lord with fully told what their hearts were feeling at that moment. The pairs of eyes that all were looking at the City Lord were no longer filled with respect and gratitude.

    But the City Lord couldn't care any less about that anymore. In his eyes, all these refugees were all destined to be unable to live many more days and they were bound to die sooner or later. Once this batch of them were all dead, in the eyes of the refugees coming into the city after them, he would still be the same old "kindly" City Lord once again.

    The City Lord was strongly determined to lock Jun Wu Xie up in prison and once he was able to pin the crime of murder upon the youth, he would then have a very good excuse to confiscate all these beautiful lofts.

    But after the soldiers had searched for an entire two hours and had carefully inspected every nook and cranny throughout the loft buildings from top to bottom, they had not been able to find the slightest trace of any dead bodies. They did not even manage to find a single drop of blood.

    Such a result, immediately caused the City Lord to become stupefied with shock.

    Liu Er and his men had only been killed by Jun Wu Xie just earlier today and based on what the refugees had told him, Liu Er and his men had died a miserable death with their blood splashed across the ground. That had only been several hours ago and even if Jun Wu Xie had been prepared, it was impossible that all traces of their deaths could be so completely erased.

    "Go search again! This time, dig up every single inch of the earth in this place!" The City Lord clenched his jaws and stared malevolently at Jun Wu Xie. Jun Wu Xie's face was just as chilly as before and was completely unreadable. That highly indifferent calm, stoked the fire burning within the City Lord even further.

    But even after the soldiers dug three feet into the ground, it still did not yield any results. The City Lord forced himself to stay in the city's north till the moon grew hazy but he still did not manage to find the evidence he seeked to find.

    Coming up empty handed, the City Lord almost wanted to grab at Jun Wu Xie's collar to ask where those dead bodies were really hidden!

    "Satisfied?" Jun Wu Xie asked with her arms crossed over her chest, calm and unruffled as she stared at the City Lord who had developed a twitch near his mouth, her clear eyes icily chill.

    The City Lord discreetly gritted his teeth tightly but found no chance for him to kick up a fuss and he could only glare at Jun Wu Xie viciously before turning himself around to leave with his tail between his legs.

    Not only the City Lord had found it strange, but all those refugees who had witnessed with their own eyes Liu Er and his gang being killed were completely baffled no matter how much they thought about it. They could not fathom just when and how Jun Wu Xie had managed to erase every single trace of the evidence.
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