Chapter 1449: “Who’s Interrogating Who (1)”

    Chapter 1449: "Who's Interrogating Who (1)"

    The refugees who had spoken up realized the error of their ways and wanted to go up to Jun Wu Xie to apologize but did not have the courage to face her. Before Jun Wu Xie produced the irrefutable evidence, they had been half suspicious and doubtful where some of them had even fully believed the City Lord's words at that time, blindly buying into it. They had all been slapped across their faces and they found that they were now lacking the courage to even say a single word to Jun Wu Xie.

    On the other hand, Jun Wu Xie did not say anything but just turned around to leave. The refugees left behind could do nothing but stare after her, watching her back as Jun Wu Xie walked away for there.

    The City Lord was cursing and swearing his entire way back. He had really been humiliated to no end this time. He had not only been unable to successfully snatch those lofts from Jun Wu Xie's hands, he had even been forced to unmask himself before all those refugees which infuriated the City Lord even further.

    "All of you are just a bunch of useless trash! So many people were killed and all of you had not even been able to find one clue! What are all of you still doing standing around here in a daze! ? All of you get out of my sight! The very sight of you just irks me!" The City Lord shouted, berating all those soldiers as he stormed into his City Lord's Manor.

    All was still and quiet inside the City Lord's Manor. The City Lord had returned but he still did not see a single servant rushing up in greeting, which just made his already infuriated heart even more furious.

    "Has everyone in this house died already! ? Ain't any of you going to get your sorry behinds out here right this instant! ?" The City Lord admonished loudly as he walked into the hall. But the moment he set foot inside the hall, he suddenly froze up in shock!

    Upon a chair in the large hall, a youth with delicate features sat nonchalantly right in the middle. And that youth sitting there in plain sight was that very same one he had just met in the city's north, Jun Wu Xie! !

    The City Lord's heart almost leapt out of his chest!

    He had wanted to immediately bolt out through the door but the figure of Ye Sha had already silently slipped up behind him and raising up a foot, he had brutally kicked the City Lord right upon his back, immediately sending the City Lord to fall onto his face as he landed right before Jun Wu Xie.

    Jun Wu Xie lifted her eyes to gaze at the deathly pale City Lord, before she slowly put the teacup she held in her hands onto the table.

    "Oh my, hadn't the esteemed City Lord been so aggressive and highly overbearing just a little while ago? Why is the colour of your face looking so ugly now? I was thinking since you have so many crimes that you wanted to pin onto my head, I might as well deliver myself to you and give you an opportunity to carefully interrogate me in detail. Isn't that just great?" Jun Wu Xie's eyes were slightly narrowed and her tone of voice very light. But when those words fell into the City Lord's ears, they sounded like they were whispers from the devil's mouth, sending chills to run up his spine.

    "Wha..... What..... What are you going to do....." The City Lord was in a flurry to get up but before he could steady himself, Ye Sha kicked him once again in the pit of his knee and he crashed back onto the ground before Jun Wu Xie on his knees.

    The back of his knee was throbbing in pain like it had been Ye Sha crushed by Ye Sha. Large beads of sweat rolled down from the City Lord's forehead as he struggled, attempting to move.

    If you cannot remain kneeling properly, I would not mind having both your legs broken, to have you kneel for the rest of your life." Jun Wu Xie's cold voice struck like a thunderous bolt onto the heart of the City Lord, frightening him so badly he did not dare to move himself another inch.

    Jun Wu Xie then looked at the City Lord in satisfaction and then said cooly said: "Alright, you can start the interrogation now."

    The City Lord only felt like crying. He had never interrogated anyone in such a manner before throughout his entire life. He was made to remain on his knees while the person to be interrogated was sitting high up on a chair right before him, staring down at him from a higher vantage point.

    Jun Wu Xie rested her chin upon her palm nonchalantly and staring at him through narrowed eyes, Jun Wu Xie then asked: "Was it Luo Xi who asked you to find trouble with me?"
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