Chapter 1450: “Who’s Interrogating Who (2)”

    Chapter 1450: "Who's Interrogating Who (2)"

    The City Lord's heart thumped hard a beat and the eyes looked up at Jun Wu Xie was filled with terror. His gaze became shifty and he gulped silently before he said: "What..... Luo Xi?..... I have no idea what you are talking a..... ARGH! ! !"

    Before the City Lord could finish, a silver glint flashed behind him and his left ankle was suddenly broken by a merciless stomp of Ye Sha's foot, the heart rending pain immediately causing him to fall to the floor to roll around in pain.

    Jun Wu Xie's cold gaze eyed at the City Lord who was bathed in cold sweat and she said in a light and almost fleeting voice: "This is the first time. Lie one more time and you can forget about having legs."

    The City Lord lay in a heap upon the ground as he stared in terror at the cold faced youth before him. He looked so very young but the level of viciousness the youth was capable of in order to get his way made even the City Lord himself feel his scalp crawl. He was absolutely merciless. Seeing that side of Jun Wu Xie, the City Lord was completely subdued and he did not dare utter another single lie.

    "It's Luo Xi! Luo Xi was the one who asked me to do it! He told me to do it! It wasn't my idea at all! I beg for you to spare me....." The City Lord begged as he wept. If the Heavens had let him known earlier that Jun Wu Xie possessed such a vicious streak within, even if Luo Xi had talked till he went hoarse, the City Lord would not have dared to cross Jun Wu Xie in the slightest!

    He was presently in living Hell!

    "You had to listen to him?" Jun Wu Xie asked, an eyebrow arching up.

    The City Lord nodded.


    The City Lord suddenly went dumb and did not dare to speak.

    "Ye Sha." Jun Wu Xie's icy voice flashed like another bolt to strike him upon the heart and the City Lord immediately could not wait to say: "I'll talk! I'll talk! I'll tell you everything! Because Luo Xi is closer to the revered one and all orders from the revered one are given to me through Luo Xi. If I do not listen to him, the revered one will then place the blame on me....."

    The City Lord on the floor was crying bitterly with mucus running down his face. Jun Wu Xie viciousness had made him realise that if he did not give Jun Wu Xie satisfactory replies, he might not be able to see the sun rise tomorrow.

    "Who is this revered one?" Jun Wu Xie's tone suddenly turned chillier. As expected, behind the actions of both the City Lord and Luo Xi, a person was hidden behind who controlled them both. If she was not guessing wrongly, the incidents with the Poison Men must have something to do with this "revered one".

    "I..... I do not know..... I really do not know..... I only know that the revered one possesses remarkable abilities and hold unparalleled powers. It was Luo Xi who brought the revered one to come seek me, commanding me to carry out all of the revered one's instructions. That person was just too powerful and I did not dare to disobey!" The City Lord answered honestly.

    Jun Wu Xie then asked: "Releasing the refugees into the Clear Breeze City was also the revered one's idea?"

    "Yes..... it is....." The City Lord nodded.

    "Why did he ask the two of you to do this?" Jun Wu Xie continued to probe.

    The City Lord swallowed hard and replied: "The revered one needed the refugees to do something for him. He made me bring in three hundred of the elderly and frail ones everyday into the city and after seven days, they were to be brought to Luo Xi's Fortune Spring Hall where Luo Xi would then make them ingest a kind of medicine. The medicine would addle the minds of the refugees to make them highly dazed before losing their awareness and after that..... After that, the revered one would then sent those people to various places....."

    [Sent to various places!] Jun Wu Xie's eyes flashed with a chill. Piecing together her deductions and what the City Lord was telling her, she had a rather good idea what the revered one needed those frail elderly and weak women for!

    In her past life, Jun Wu Xie had once heard of an unconventional type of biological warfare. A certain power had used humans as carriers, where they injected a highly contagious kind of bacteria into some humans, before sending them into places that the enemy armies were.
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