Chapter 1451: “Who’s Interrogating Who (3)”

    Chapter 1451: "Who's Interrogating Who (3)"

    Those people who had been chosen to be carriers were mostly people who were sickly and frail. As their bodies' constitution were weak, their resilience towards drugs and bacteria were not strong. Not long after they were injected with the bacteria, they would very soon die. Upon their deaths, that would be when the bacteria would spread, silently and unnoticed, as they achieved their evil objectives.

    For the revered one to have the Clear Breeze City take in the frail elderly, weaker women and children continuously, his motives must be the same as that bacteria  warfare, but just that the bacteria from Jun Wu Xie's past life had been replaced with a kind of drug that spread very easily, to achieve the same kind of effect. If what she thought was correct, those people who were made to ingest the medicine, must have been secretly sent to various places throughout the Lower Realm.

    Under the chaos of war and conflict, the number of refugees were endless. No matter which place it was, seeing some highly muddled and sickly refugee appearing would not attract anyone's attention. And as those people had low immunity and resistance against the drug, their deaths would also be highly sped up!

    That was also the reason the revered one requested only for the frail elderly and weaker women and children to be allowed into the city. Moreover, the harsh conditions the refugees were forced to live under would further deplete the life force of those refugees and when the seven days were up, just when their bodies were at their weakest, it would be the best time to make use of them to fulfil his nefarious objectives!

    Using humans as carriers to spread the poison. Such a insidious method would send chills down people's spine. When she imagined having three hundred refugees whose bodies contained that poison being sent to various places in the Lower Realm everyday, Jun Wu Xie felt a fiery blaze start to burn within her chest. The Poison Army was being reinforced everyday and there was no end to them. And the source of it all, were the people here.

    Even with Jun Wu Xie's personality, she could not help but feel rage realizing it.

    "Where is that revered one now?" Jun Wu Xie asked in a voice that was terrifyingly chilly.

    "I..... I do not know..... The revered one and I have only met once and all the instructions the revered one had for me after that came in through Luo Xi to me. Things about the revered one..... Luo Xi knows it much better than I do! I...... I really do not know anything about that....." The City Lord started wailing.

    Jun Wu Xie fell silent. The City Lord's words did not sound like he was lying. Judging from all that had happened, Luo Xi was indeed able to give instructions to the City Lord. Otherwise, upon finding out that the refugees had been moved out from the camp, the first one among the two of them to appear would not have been the City Lord, but would have been Luo Xi coming aggressively to stir up trouble.

    "Today, you will act as if nothing had happened. I had never come to the City Lord's Manor and have never heard a word you said." Jun Wu Xie said suddenly.

    The City Lord stared blankly at Jun Wu Xie, his tears and snot smeared all over his face in a mess.

    "What..... what does..... that mean.....?"

    "Tell Luo Xi that you did not succeed today and ask him to come up with another way." Jun Wu Xie said as she got up. The Lord of the Clear Breeze City was merely a pawn in the game of chess and in order for her to reel in the big fish, she needed to work on Luo Xi.

    The City Lord continued to stare, looking completely flabbergasted at Jun Wu Xie.

    "You need me to engrave all these words onto your body to remind you?" Jun Wu Xie said menacingly through narrowed eyes, her eyes glinting with murder.

    The City Lord immediately cowered upon the floor, shaking like an injured chick to hurriedly say: "Your servant remembers it! I understand what Young Master is telling me! I will definitely carry out Young Master's instructions to the letter!"

    Jun Wu Xie was satisfied and she turned around to depart, disappearing from the City Lord's Manor together with Ye Sha, looking like that had never been here before.

    It was until Jun Wu Xie and Ye Sha had left that the City Lord fell limply onto the ground, all strength completely seeping out from him. Without knowing why, he had a sudden strange feeling in his heart. He seemed to feel that the cold and calm little youth, was to be feared more than that tyrannically powerful revered one!
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