Chapter 1452: “I’ll Play With You (1)”

    Chapter 1452: "I'll Play With You (1)"

    As expected, early the next morning, after Luo Xi ascertained that things were the same at the city's north, he came storming into the City Lord's Manor, his face darkened.

    The City Lord had suffered a great shock yesterday and had fallen so sick he was confined in bed. His ankle that Ye Sha had stomped on was thickly wrapped up with bandages and he was being cared for by his concubines so well that he was almost crooning as he lay in bed.

    When Luo Xi came in, his face was terrifyingly dark.

    "Why is the task I asked you to deal with still not settled! ?" Luo Xi asked as he looked at the pudgy and obese City Lord, his eyes filled with disdain.

    The City Lord swung his gaze over to look at Luo Xi, his heart sneering but his face looking shocked and startled.

    "All of you are dismissed." The City Lord got everyone within the room to go out before he started sobbing and wailing in front of Luo Xi. "It's not that I didn't want to go deal with it, but I really am not able to do anything about it! I had wanted to find an excuse to confiscate those lofts to make them mine but that kid was just too smart. He paid three times the asking price to buy over both the deeds to the houses and to the lands they sat on. I sent Liu Er to go stir up trouble yesterday but not only had he not succeeded, he and his gang had all died there. I led a troop of soldiers there after that and was properly snubbed and humiliated. I had wanted to shed all pretense of cordiality and would have torn right into him but I suddenly remembered that the revered one had instructed me to maintain a kindy and benevolent image before I held myself back."

    Luo Xi's brows creased up even further. What the City Lord was saying wasn't wrong. His image as the benevolent Lord of the City was established only through much effort and if they wanted to continue to receive more refugees, they must not spoil that image too badly.

    Luo Xi was deep in thought and his gaze then fell upon the City Lord's foot that was heavily wrapped up in bandages.

    "What happened to your foot?"

    The City Lord's heart jumped and he quickly tried to hide it as he said: "It's all Liu Er's fault! When I heard that he and all his men were killed up there, I was so shocked I fell heavily, and broke my ankle."

    Luo Xi's glance lingered on the City Lord for a moment longer and seemed to have believed the City Lord's words.

    "The refugees who were supposed to report to the City Lord's Manor still had not appeared. If that place up in the city's north is not properly dealt with, those pieces of trash would just remain there for good, which would greatly delay what the revered one wants us to accomplish." Luo Xi then went on to say.

    "That's for sure." The City Lord heaved a sigh of relief.

    Luo Xi then threw the City Lord a look of contempt. "You're really a useless good for nothing. You can't even deal with such a small matter properly and need to trouble me to do it."

    "I know, you're naturally much stronger than I am." The City Lord said quickly, in a hurry to butter up Luo Xi, but in his heart, he was greeting all past eighteen generations of Luo Xi ancestors an entire round. "I wonder what plans Luo Xi has up his sleeve?"

    "Have you forgotten what kind of a place the Fortune Spring Hall is? No matter how great that place in the city's north is, if a few lives were lost up there, those old fogeys would not dare to continue to remain there!" Luo Xi said, his eyes lighting up with a venomous glint.

    He said a few more words to the City Lord and then flung his sleeves as he turned to leave.

    Luo Xi's foot had just stepped out when the City Lord immediately summoned his trusted aide. After quickly writing a short and concise letter, he got his trusted aide to deliver the letter to the city's north.

    "My Lord, you want me to deliver this letter to the city's north?" The trusted aide asked as he looked at the City Lord incredulously.

    The City Lord then said: "Did you see anyone come to this manor yesterday?"

    The trusted aide shook his head.

    The City Lord then sighed morosely and said: "Then don't ask so much. Go deliver it quickly and make sure no one sees you."


    The City Lord looked upon the trusted aide's departing back and his heart was shrouded in a layer of cold chill. When Jun Wu Xie had come to the City Lord's Manor yesterday, everyone within the manor had been knocked out and thrown together in the backyard.
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