Chapter 1453: “I’ll Play With You (2)”

    Chapter 1453: "I'll Play With You (2)"

    But what was really strange was that after they awoke, they all acted like nothing had happened at all, none have them having any memory of having been knocked unconscious at all. For a period of time after they woke up, they were all acting like they had lost their memory, each of them just going back to the places they were supposed to be at, and then coming fully awake only a moment later, reverting back to normal.

    That strange scene, was enough to cause the hair on the City Lord to stand, making him realize that Jun Wu Xie was truly unfathomable.

    Jun Wu Xie had received the City Lord's secret letter very quickly. The City Lord had revealed Luo Xi's intentions in the letter and based on what she understood about Luo Xi, Jun Wu Xie made her own guesses on the methods Luo Xi would use soon after.

    "It will just be another round of child's play." Jun Wu Xie said as she held the letter over the candle flame, watching it being engulfed bit by bit.

    Jun Wu Yao sat directly across from her, a faint smile across his lips. "Little Xie seems to be very disappointed?"

    "Do I?" Jun Wu Xie asked, her eyebrow lifting slightly.

    Jun Wu Yao then replied with a laugh: "You're right. The fact that Luo Xi would think of using such childish methods to want to create trouble for you, it is really rather funny."

    When it came to skills with poisons and antidotes, Jun Wu Yao had never met anyone who was more outstanding than Jun Wu Xie was. Even though she was born in the Lower Realm, her expertise with medicine and skill with poison had even astounded him at times.

    Sometimes, Jun Wu Yao was also very curious where Jun Wu Xie had picked up her abilities from. It seemed like she was already equipped with all of that from the moment he had first met her.

    Anyone who dared to try to show Jun Wu Xie up with medicine or poison would all just end up humiliating themselves.

    "Luo Xi and the revered one are in communication with each other. I will only need to force Luo Xi into a corner with no other way out for him and the person behind him will naturally make a move." Jun Wu Xie said indifferently.

    The bait had been hooked and the line cast, all she had to do was to wait for the fish to bite.

    In the deep of night and all was still, several suspicious shadowy figures infiltrated into the rows of lofts in the city's north. The moon was high up in the sky and the place was quiet so late at night. The several men silently gathered together and one of them distributed several palm sized paper packets into the hand of every single one of them as he said in a low whisper: "All of you listen closely. This drug kills upon contact with blood. All of you are to toss them into the water of all the nearby wells. Do not miss out any one of them."

    The other black robed men all nodded, and they dispersed very quickly.

    They thought they had been silent and soundless and nobody had detected them. But unbeknownst to them, within a loft unit that stood independently, a tiny figure was hidden within the darkness, her eyes seeing every move they made.

    "How many wells are there nearby?" Jun Wu Xie asked from within the darkness.

    Ye Sha's voice sounded out softly. "Seventeen. It's not used just by us. The residents of the Clear Breeze City living nearby use them as well."

    Jun Wu Xie gave out a cold laugh.

    "Luo Xi us indeed more vicious than the City Lord. In order to destroy this place, he doesn't care if he is dragging a whole bunch of other innocent people into the water."

    Seventeen wells. And not just the refugees drink the water from them. The citizens living nearby drew their water from them as well and with just a rough estimation, these seventeen wells would at least kill a few thousand people.

    Jun Wu Xie watched everything in silence, until the black robed men had finished with their task and left silently.

    She then strolled down unhurriedly, making her way straight towards the well nearest to her. She drew out a bucket of water and checked it through.

    Moments later, that pair of icy clear eyes were filled with disappointment.

    Jun Wu Xie nonchalantly tossed two bottles of elixirs to Ye Sha.

    "Drop two pills into each well." Upon saying that, Jun Wu Xie immediately walked away, her enthusiasm waning.
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