Chapter 1454: “I’ll Play With You (3)”

    Chapter 1454: "I'll Play With You (3)"

    Ye Sha watched Jun Wu Xie's back that was slowly becoming smaller with distance in silence.

    [Just how inadequate was the poison in these wells that it could cause his Young Miss to become so sorely disappointed, that drove out every ounce of fight in her! ?]

    Within the Fortune Spring Hall, Luo Xi stood just outside of the candlelight's glow, his face filled with satisfaction.

    "Has everything been completed?"


    "Very good." Luo Xi nodded his head and turned around to gaze at the flickering lone candle flame, his eyes filling up with vicious venom. "There might be quite a number of deaths occurring within this city tomorrow, I think the prices of coffins are going to rise quite a bit."

    "Young Master is unparalleled when it comes to his schemes and that poison was even concocted by the Young Master yourself. The poison is highly lethal and no one throughout the lands will be able to counter its effects. You will surely succeed!"

    Luo Xi smiled slightly and waved his hand dismissively. "Alright, it's good that you know that. Let's just wait to watch the show tomorrow then. One more thing, prepare more straw mats so that I can give them to all those "poor" refugees tomorrow to wrap up the dead bodies. Hahaha....."

    Early the next morning, Luo Xi was full of anticipation as he sat with his face full of smiles in his manor to await news of the many deaths that would occur in the city's north. But.....

    He sat there till the sun reached its zenith and he did not receive a single report of any death!

    Feeling highly puzzled, Luo Xi immediately sent people up to the city's north to check on the situation and when his subordinate returned, the news he brought back immediately stunned Luo Xi.

    "What did you say! ?" Luo Xi's eyes were wide with incredulity as he stared at his subordinate kneeling before him.

    The man said mournfully: "Your servant stayed and watched the city's north for four whole hours and saw many of the refugees drawing water from the wells, but..... I did not see any one of them showing any symptoms of having been poisoned."

    That man was almost about to cry. There was no need to even mention anyone dying. Having seen how those refugees held large scoops and drinking directly from the well's water where they looked so carefree and uninhibited had stunned him good and proper earlier. He had seen with his own eyes just how lethal the effects of Luo Xi's poison was and one only needed a little to be swallowed into their belly before the poison had killed a healthy and strong specimen of a man in mere moments, what's more for those weak and frail refugees?

    But against all reason, such a strange phenomenon had exactly happened!

    "What really happened! ? Have your eyes gone blurry! ?" Luo Xi could not accept such a result at all. That poison of his had worked every single time he had used it and it had never once failed him.

    The servant shook his head and said: "I had been afraid that I might be seeing things and I went around to see the situation around the other wells, but the situation was the same at every single one of them."

    Luo Xi fell back into his chair with a crash, the colour on his face turning an ugly shade.

    "How did it turn out like this..... How could it have turned out like this..... It is absolutely impossible! My poison..... How could it have no effect..... Go! Go out there and bring in a man to test out the poison. I just can't believe that the fault lies with my drug!"

    Very soon, a scrawny little youth was dragged into Luo Xi's room, He was forcefully fed the poison and within two minutes, that youth lay dead upon the ground with blood flowing out from all seven orifices.

    Staring at all the blood upon the floor, Luo Xi was becoming more and more puzzled.

    There was obviously no problem with the poison, so why hadn't a single one of those refugees in the city's north died?

    "All of you will go there once more tonight! Triple the amount of poison and pour them all in!" Luo Xi spat through gritted teeth.



    Under the deep night sky, after the sneaky bunch of black robed men had left, Jun Wu Xie went once again to the well to inspect it for a while. This time, she did not even bother to say a single word before she tossed two bottles of elixirs to Ye Sha in disappointment, quickly returning back to bed to sleep.

    Ye Sha stood there holding the elixir bottles, his face looking highly mournful. At that moment, he really felt like running over to Luo Xi to go tell him to come up with a poison a little higher class and more magnificent to use next time. Look at how this clumsy poison he used here had made the Young Miss lost all interest that she couldn't even be bothered to give it another glance!
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